Custom Home Interior Features That Are Worth the Investment

Big box stores and local home improvement centers can make it easy to set up or renovate your home on a tight budget. Many decor items are worth hunting for at a discounted sale price or swapping for a similar style in a different and less expensive brand. However, some of the major features of your home can suffer in aesthetic and in function if you cut corners to save a few dollars. If you have the funds to invest in more quality finishes and fixtures, the benefits can be well worth the cost. These four features can make a big difference when you opt for a custom design and install rather than a mass-produced alternative.

Window Treatments

While most windows fall within the same average size ranges, their position on the wall can vary greatly from home to home. In addition, older homes often house windows of various size and can even be positioned unevenly due to the structure settling over time. Custom window treatments like Next Day Blinds can help ensure that the styles you choose will be a perfect fit for your unique home. Most store-bought curtains and drapes are only available in two to three sizes. Even “customizable” blinds and shades from home improvement stores may not fit due to inaccurate measurements or variations with brackets. You also run the risk of losing your money if your purchase is cut too short. Working with Next Day Blinds professionals can help eliminate these risks by offering skilled consultations and installations.


Mass-produced cabinets make designing a kitchen cheap and easy for builders. But these pieces were not made to fit the size and shape of your individual kitchen and can be a poor use of space. Custom designed cabinetry can help you utilize every available inch in your kitchen, which is certainly important to most home cooks. In addition to increasing storage space, custom cabinets can help you display your favorite serving pieces in a stunning fashion. They can also give you more options for entertaining by adding a wine rack or more counter space for serving your guests. It can even make the process of preparing a meal more efficient by housing special tools, utensils and prep space.


The lighting in your home isn’t just impacted by the layout of your house. Position and geographical location can also affect how dim or bright a room feels during different times of the day. A floor lamp or dome light may be perfect in one home and a total waste of money and energy in another. In addition, personal tastes can be quite different when it comes to lighting preferences in the home. Consult a professional to discover what your home needs to achieve the feel you desire most in every room of your home. Not only will you achieve a more stylish look; you could also save money and energy by updating to more efficient fixtures.

Built-In Shelving

Televisions, stereos, books, photos and knick-knacks are found in virtually every modern home. These common components can quickly eat up space, build up clutter and lead to unsightly tangles of cords. Custom built-in shelves can help make these everyday items look like intentional design components by giving them a designated space with a clean and organized look. Consider adding sliding panels or doors to hide your electronic devices when they’re not in use to give your room a more tasteful design. These types of shelves look amazing in almost any space and can add an element of safety by keeping electronics properly ventilated and cords tangle-free.

Customized fixtures can take a home from standard to stunning. Consider upgrading these finishes in your home for a clean and classic look.