Everything You Need to Know About Slow Combustion Wood Heaters

If you want the warming ambience of an open fire in your home, but you’re looking for an alternative option to the typical traditional fireplace, the answer could be a slow combustion modern wood fireplace. A wood burning fireplace that works via slow combustion offers a wealth of advantages. Not only do they look great, but slow combustion wood fireplaces in Melbourne also offer exceptional heating performance throughout winter when you need it most. This article will discuss the different kinds of slow combustion wood heaters for sale as well as detailing the benefits offered by these kinds of wood fireplaces in Melbourne.  

Design Options for a Modern Wood Fireplace to Suit Every Home

The different models of wood fireplaces in Melbourne currently available offer a large number of options for your home. You don’t have to worry about clashing styles in your house when you choose a modern wood fireplace from your local retailer. Whether your home is modern or classic, shabby chic or farmhouse, there will be suitable wood heaters for sale in your local area. The idea is to find the right slow combustion wood heater for your living space so that it looks like it belongs there and complements existing furnishings, architecture and décor. This shouldn’t be too hard if you keep these things in mind during your search. Slow combustion wood fireplaces in Melbourne come in three different varieties, according to their function. These include:

Insert Slow Combustion Wood Fireplaces

This kind of modern wood fireplace is a slow combustion heater that’s installed to be flush with your walls, providing a flair that’s undeniably stylish and contemporary. The wall that you select for your slow combustion insert fireplace will certainly become the feature of your room. As insert fireplaces are so attention-grabbing, it’s worth considering which wall will be the best candidate to house your wood burning fireplace, making the most of the room’s architecture and flow. 

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces in Melbourne 

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, consider choosing from the range of freestanding wood heaters for sale. A freestanding modern wood fireplace is more compact that other wood heaters, yet they still come in a range of sizes and styles. You can rest assured there will be a slow combustion freestanding wood fireplace that’s perfect for your lifestyle and home size. These wood fireplaces in Melbourne look great when in use in winter. 

Double Sided Slow Combustion Wood Heaters

A cost-effective way of heating two rooms at once, double sided slow combustion wood heaters are installed into walls that divide two rooms. They feature double doors so you can access the heater from either room. Innovative, attractive and functional, double sided wood fireplaces in Melbourne solve two problems at once while being an economical heating choice for the colder months. 

The Benefits of a Slow Combustion Modern Wood Fireplace


  • Saves you money − Using a wood burning fireplace rather than a heater powered by electricity will cut down your power bill, saving you money.
  • Energy efficiency − Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are quite efficient, so your home will heat up more quickly, keeping you and your family toasty and warm. 

Better home ambience − There’s nothing like a modern wood fireplace for creating a magical ambience in your home, with the sounds of the flames crackling and the sight of them flickering.