Improving the Look of Your Front Door with Pilasters: A Guide

Once you have finished renovating the interior of your home, you might move on and start to think about how you can boost the appearance of its exterior. The first element of your home that your guests will get to see in detail is your front door, and this means that it needs to give a good impression of your home in general. Then, here is everything that you need to know about whether you should improve the look of your front door with a pilaster. 

Is a pilaster right for your front door? 

The first aspect of your home renovation project that you need to consider is whether a pilaster is right for your front door, in particular. Although pilasters can help to add decadence to any home, they often suit some houses more than others. The homes that pilasters suit best are often older homes or those that have been built in a classic style. The right pilasters might also suit your home if you have steps leading up to it and if your front step is relatively wide, and if you live in a detached home. Your house might also suit pilasters if other properties in your neighborhood have used pilasters to decorate their front doors. 

Do pilasters improve the look of your door? 

When you are dithering about whether to invest in a pilaster, you might be wondering whether it is worth it and whether a pilaster will improve the look of your front door or get in the way. Pilasters can help to add an air of sophistication to your front door, especially if you upkeep the rest of it well, ensuring that your guests can sense the elegance of your home as soon as they walk up to it. They can also draw the attention of passers-by as they walk past your house. However, you need to make sure that the inside of your home matches the outside in terms of decadence if you want to pull this look off. 

Do they only improve its appearance?

However, suppose you are searching for another reason to invest in pilasters for your front door other than the fact that they can improve its appearance. In that case, you should know that investing in pilasters can increase the value of your property. This is because many potential home buyers often look for homes that have a lot of character and that look incredibly expensive, even if the property itself is not worth much more than those around it. Pilasters can make your property stand out. 

Do they come in different styles?

You might have a fixed idea in your head of what a pilaster looks like, and this might be off-putting to you, especially if you believe that your home will not suit this style of pilaster. However, pilasters come in many different styles, some classical and some modern, meaning that there is usually a pilaster to be found that suits every single house on the market. 

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