Introducing Some Luxe into Your Life

Adding some luxe into your life through your cabinet hardware is such a simple and effective way to add some chic into your interior design. The kitchen is the heart of the home so putting some life and soul into this space will really create a beautiful focal point in your home. Introducing some life to your cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean your kitchen cupboards, however this can stretch to giving some much-loved furniture a bit of life. 

Furniture Upcycling 

Furniture upcycling goes further than just a lick of paint. Updating your cabinet handles on old display cabinets can transform the feel of your old and perhaps worn looking furniture piece into a luxe minimalist statement piece for your home. There is no need to continuously spend money on new furniture when new interior design trends come through each year when you’ve got a timeless piece of furniture sat in your own home, let’s put it to good use instead. Perhaps a 

Kitchen Upcycle  

Replacing your entire kitchen is a costly affair so perhaps it’s time to consider the small changes to make a big impact. Cabinet hardware has been an emerging trend over the last year, particularly as we’ve spent longer periods of time in our homes, with the time to reassess what we’re looking to change in terms of our interiors. Buster and Punch display a beautiful array of cabinet hardware, from contemporary vibes to a classical look you can achieve any look you desire with the simple change of a cabinet handle. 

Statement Pieces

A statement piece within your home, particularly the kitchen or living / entertainment space is the perfect way to introduce some luxe into your life. A beautiful way to achieve this is through your lighting. A drop pendant is a beautiful way of lighting your kitchen cabinets above perhaps a breakfast bar or island where you can serve delicious food for your guests whilst entertaining. 

Colour Scheme 

You can lift the tone of your colour scheme by changing the cabinet hardware. Simple tweaks such as adding a contrasting colour to your hardware to create eye catching focal points by breaking up the colour scheme in your living space are a fantastic way to make some big changes. Alternatively, if you fancy a trip to the dark side and you’ve got enough natural light to allow for this design change you could consider painting your cabinets dark and including some smoked bronze pull bar handles to add a touch of luxury to your life. 

Luxury on a Budget 

Make sure you set a budget before tackling your interior alterations. This means you can allocate specific retailers to target when you’re choosing your pieces to alter. Doing your price research means that if you’re looking in the right place, you’re more than likely to find the perfect changes for your home for the perfect pricing point. After all, the aim of making small changes for a more luxurious lifestyle at home is to cut out the larger price tags.