Roof Replacement Joshua – How the Weather Affects Roofing in Joshua T

Joshua Texas is known for hot and humid summers and the winters are windy and cold. All year round it seems pretty cloudy. Joshua receives some sort of precipitation 79 days on an average every year. We know that Joshua on average receives 1 inch of snow every year. However, last month because of the Arctic blast temperatures of several cities in the United States had plummeted to record lows. As per, the Arctic blast that had started in Siberia has been responsible for bringing ice and heavy snow to several areas. Rare snowfall was experienced in Brownsville Texas situated on the United States-Mexico border.

Nothing could be cozier than relaxing at home with family on a cold snowy evening watching how the snowflakes keep drifting down and gradually start blanketing the landscape. However, for homeowners, snow could pose potential risks.

Snow Could Overload the Roofing System

Snow could be damaging your roof in many ways. Snow overloading could result in roof collapse and this proves to be pretty scary. In certain areas exposed to heavy snowfall accumulation, we realize that your roof could be crafted and designed effectively for handling greater weight. But as the weather is becoming somewhat unpredictable, there is no reason to take chances especially, if your roof did not undergo any repair or professional examination.

It is best to opt for roof inspection well before the advent of the winter season. A reliable and professional contractor would be experienced enough to identify leaks and other structural issues. You could get your roof repaired well in advance. You must consider investing in a roof razor or roof rake according to the roof height. These effective tools boast of narrow telescoping poles that are long and allow you to shovel the snow off safely and successfully off your roof. If you are not good at raking your roof, stop worrying about your roof safety. To avoid overloading, it is best to call expert contractors such as Harvey Roofing & Construction 817-422-4847 – Your locally owned Residential Roofing Contractor located in Joshua, TX. Proudly Serving Johnson, Tarrant and Surrounding Counties.

Ice Dams Could Cause Damage to Your Home’s Gutter & Roof

You might find hanging icicles quite fascinating but they seem to be real trouble for your roofer. Hanging icicles are an indication of an ice buildup or ice dam all along the roof eaves that has the potential of damaging your gutters, impacting the structure underlying the shingles, and causing leakage. These are triggered due to uneven heat on your home’s roofing system. If the attic seems to be warm enough it could melt the overhead snow close to the roof’s middle. The melted snow would flow down, get accumulated and ultimately refreeze at the eaves. You already know that water would be expanding on freezing and that could cause immense damage to your shingles, open up roof cracks, and clog gutters.

Conclusion: Snow Melts Often to Trigger Flood in Your Home

Often serious snow damage takes place when the temperatures start rising. Snowmelt would cause and worsen leakage through small cracks present in your roof’s foundation, flooding your basement and damaging your walls. The issue would get worse with time because of repeated cycles of refreezing and melting leading to cracks in your roof’s foundation.