Should You Repair Your Cherry Hill Roof, Patch, or Replace Your Roof in Cherry Hill NJ

Your home’s roof is an essential part that protects your property. You need to take good care of it to ensure safe living in your home. The roof also adds to your home’s aesthetics. 

According to an article published on, you need to consult with a professional roofer to inspect streaks on roof shingles or find out whether these are bent or not. 

Unfortunately, the roof will in due course be damaged. In such a case, you need to settle on whether you want to patch or replace your home’s roof. Fixing your roof is the common solution to keep your abode safe. However, the repair is not possible if the damage is significant over the years. Therefore, read on to learn whether to repair or replace your home’s roof. 

When to repair 

In many situations, the repair is a smart choice. It helps in extending the lifespan of the roof sans any additional cost related to replacement. There are a couple of instances when repair is the best solution. 

The age of your roof matters. If your home is just built and its roof is new, small damages could be fixed through repair or patching. When your roof has a 30-year warranty, you can get in touch with the roof repairs manufacturer. 

Another factor that determines is the time, way, and how the roof was damaged. For instance, if a violent storm or cyclone damaged the roof but it could be repaired, then go for it. There is no need for a replacement if not necessary. Due to storms, external damage would become visible. Understand the level of damage by consulting with American Construction & Roofing in Cherry Hill

Next is the level of roof damage. If you find minor stains, a missing shingle, it is possible to repair the roof. If the roof’s surface is damaged, it is possible to replace a couple of shingles to address the issue.

When to replace 

When the roof is nearing its lifespan, replacement is necessary. The older the roof, the repairs might not address the damage or problem. You may choose to repair your home’s roof but fixing would make the process expensive. If your roof is more than 30 years old or approaching the end of its 20-30-year warranty, we recommend that you go for a replacement. Talk with a roofer to determine the age of your roof if you are not aware and then decide. 

If roof damage is beyond repair, you must go for replacement. Do not try penny-pinching as replacement is necessary for your home’s safety. If the damage means compromising the roof’s structural integrity, you need to replace. Too much water damage means you need a replacement to protect your home’s interiors. 


Whether you need repair or replacement, as a homeowner, it is your goal to make it last. If your roof is damaged after a storm or cold weather, your home and family are susceptible to the risk. Your priority is to have a durable roof over your head.