Southwestern Rugs Are Unique

To get a rustic and Native motif look to your room and make it feel like a log cabin lodge as you relax by the fireplace, southwestern style area rugs are the perfect answer. There is a wide selection of geometric and gorgeous designs enhanced by magnificent colors or earthy tones, and the rugs fit into any decor from traditional to modern and contemporary.


The handmade rugs might be flat weaved, hand hooked, knotted, or tufted. They are preferred by many customers, but machine-made ones are also truly lovely. Each kind represents the beautiful Native American tribal designs and colors.


A variety of material types include the following:

COWHIDE – The natural hair and skin of a cow. This is very popular and usually often undyed because of its natural beauty. Each rug is different in its colors and patterns because of the cows themselves.

NATURAL PLANT FIBERS – Collected from the outer layers of the plant stem, these rugs are valuable for durability and their eco-friendly nature. Bamboo can be woven into silk-like threads. Cotton is a soft fiber that grows inside a protective cover. Sisal is the strongest natural plant fiber and is woven from Sisalina plant leaves. Hemp is coarser to the touch and is woven from hemp stalks. Coir is a stiff fiber that is extracted from coconut husks. Jute is a long vegetable fiber spun into strong threads and is highly absorbent. Seagrass is cultivated in water and is used in areas that are prone to wet spills.

WOOL is manufactured from a sheep’s fleece. It is highly durable, naturally flame resistant, and is able to retain about a third of its weight in moisture.

SYNTHETIC FIBERS – These are often easier to care for and resist color fading. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is Polyester made of recycled plastics and is highly stain resistant and lightweight. Microfiber is usually spun from Nylon, Polyester, or Polypropylene threads. Acrylic is made from a polymer that mimics the look of cotton or wool. Artificial Silk known as Art Silk mirrors the feel and look of real silk. Nylon is a tough fiber known for its stain resistance. Viscose is a blend of man-made cellulose and rayon fibers.

Who Specializes in Such Southwestern Style Area Rugs? was originally founded in 1936 as Roth Rug Cleaners when Bernie Roth and his father, AJ Roth, responded to the need when Pittsburgh, PA was devastated by storms. Eventually, it became a rug cleaning plant with nine stores that included new carpet sales and installation along with furniture and accessories. Roth Carpet then evolved by the 1970s from rug cleaners to large warehouse retailers and is still known for its discount warehouse. Richard Roth, the third generation, grew up learning the business and became President in 1985. His wife, Ann, joined as the Oriental rug buyer in 1986, and their daughter, Kate, joined in 2012.

With all the above experience and a dedication to helping customers pinpoint exactly what they want, Roth Rugs even offers a Rug Quiz to help in the buying decision.