Specific Interior and Exterior Decor Aspects to Consider Before You Sell Your House

There has been so much written and discussed online as to what you should be doing before you consider selling your home, and these listicles and advice pieces can become nauseating in that they often don’t encapsulate the aspects of both interior and exterior decor that can make significant changes to the prices you can ask for your home. They may very well have considered somewhat superficial change and improvement but will make a difference to most buyers. Here are the decor tricks that all home sellers must be aware of and implement.

Know the area

The first step in adjusting decor is knowing the area and understanding the predominant culture and decor ideas therein. So, if you’re selling your home in Raleigh, understand that there will be specific aspects such as the need for a family dining space or the type and positioning of furniture that you may need advice on to ensure that you follow local norms and expectations. Remember, it is not necessarily about what you like, but what people would expect to find in a home in a specific area or locale.


Lighter, brighter colors on the interior walls and in living areas sell homes, but not yellows and oranges. Again, it’s incumbent upon you to know what the interior color trends are at the moment and perhaps look at a few homes for sale in the area online. Keep interior colors (including bedrooms) light and bright. The only definite no-no is off-white and boring nondescript pastel colors.

The garden

Keep it simple, but the garden counts as an additional room, and if it isn’t in a habitable state, then any potential buyer will consider all the work that they will have to do to make this outdoor space livable. Spend some time and money on ensuring that the garden looks tidy and well kept. A local garden service will have it spruced up in no time. Providing an extra space or room with extraordinarily little investment.

Wall hangings and art

Many people neglect the fact that they have art on the walls that can be of an extremely specific taste. Remove any wall art that may be construed as distasteful. Remember that what you consider as art may b[not be regarded in the same vein by the buyers. Making use of a local real estate professional will ensure that they are able to advise in this respect. Many professionals suggest staging the property to make it more appealing, and as such, it is something that must be considered but also tastefully executed, if at all.

Selling a house is still all about location, location, and location, but there are certainly interior decor aspects that enter into the decision-making process. When buyers view a property, they generally like to be able to imagine themselves living in the property. If it is decorated in an awfully specific way or with bright colors and patterns, these superficial design choices may affect their decision to make an offer. Simply follow the advice as aforementioned and remove most of the risk.

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