Swimming Pool Or Beach? Here Are 10 Reasons Why Owning A Pool Is Better Than The Beach!

A day out at the beach is the ideal way most people would love to spend a holiday. It is a great fun activity but it involves travel to the beach and spending time on a crowded beach. A better alternative is to have your own swimming pool at home. Whenever you like to have a swim or just want to enjoy with the family, you can head to your backyard. No traveling to the beach and no trying to find a place free of a rush! The pool is a beach at home!

In case you still have any doubts about whether you should have your own pool or go to the beach, our article will help you decide. The following ten reasons explain why owning a pool is better than going to the beach.

1) You don’t have to travel

This is the obvious major benefit of owning a pool. When you want to have a swim or spend a relaxing time with your family, just head to the backyard. This is especially convenient for people who stay far away from the beach. You don’t have to spend time and money traveling to the beach. The water is just a minute away from where you are.

2) No sand in your clothes

The biggest problem with the beach is the sand that can get inside your clothes. Sand is irritating and getting it off is a problem. You need to clean before getting back into the car else the car gets dirty. When you wash the clothes, your washing machine will have sand in it. People with sensitive skin can face problems with sand on their bodies.

3) Your sandwich will have no sand

A sandwich does not need to have sand. If you have packed a delicious sandwich for the beach, it is likely to end up with sand in it, leaving behind an unpleasant taste. There is no such problem at the pool. The absence of sand makes the pool a great way to enjoy all that the beach offers minus the sand.

4) Swim at any time of the day

Generally swimming in the sea at night is not advised. You will not have lifeguards around. There is also no lighting. It can be risky. You don’t face this problem with your swimming pool. It is your home and the safest place for you. With proper lighting, you can use the pool at any time even after midnight. Even during winter times, you can heat the pool and use it at night. Your pool is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire year. This is unlike beaches, which may be closed when the weather is bad. 

5) No parking woes, no traffic problems

Traveling to the beach requires traveling in heavy traffic. This is especially true in busy tourist areas or during peak season. Traveling to the beach can be painful, making you spend time in traffic. Once you reach the beach, parking is a problem. You need to find a parking spot and then walk from there to the beach. By the time you get into the water, you would be exhausted. Once you finish swimming, you again have to walk back to the parking lot and go home in bad traffic. It can be a big problem. With a pool, you don’t have to worry about all these problems.

6) It is safe swimming at home

Swimming at home is safe. When you go to the beach, you are swimming in the open sea where the waves can turn dangerous suddenly. The waters of the sea can be dangerous even for an experienced swimmer. If you get into trouble and there is no lifeguard around, you can be in serious trouble. This is all the more dangerous with kids. Another major problem is dangerous creatures in the sea. You don’t have to worry about sharks or stingrays in your own pool. It is the safest place to swim. 

7) You can enjoy a staycation

To go to the beach you may need a vacation. This is true for people who need to travel a lot to reach the beach. A vacation involves a lot of planning, travel, and a budget. The alternative is a staycation at home. There is no travel and no budget. Forget your work and spend time with your family by the pool. This is a staycation that can be as fun and relaxing as a vacation. In pandemic times, this is a safer option than visiting a beach where there is no social distancing.

8) You can have a party anytime

Partying at the beach involves a lot of planning. Everyone needs to travel to the beach. You need to find a place for your family or group to spend together. You need to carry food, chairs, tables, etc. Then there is the sand that can get into the food. It is basically complicated. Partying at home by the pool is easier and more fun. You can have a party daily by the pool.

9) Have a drink comfortably

You cannot drink on all beaches there may be restrictions. You need to walk up to find a place to get a drink. Once you drink, driving home can be a risk. If you have a pool, you can have a drink by the pool or in the pool. There are no restrictions since it is your own pool. There is no worry about having to drive back home after having a drink.

10) Swim for miles

You can swim for any number of miles and get a good workout but still be at home. Swimming miles in the sea is not so easy, doing it at home is easier.

The ten reasons listed should have convinced you about why you should own a pool. Get in touch with fibreglass pools adelaide or consultant so you can get a pool installed today. 

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