Importance Of The Doors In The Decoration

The Importance Of The Doors In The Decoration

The doors are present in virtually all homes; even in the open style homes, there is usually at least one for the bathroom and usually the bedrooms, also have their door. They have tremendous decorative importance, especially in homes with several rooms, when for example, the rooms are facing the main room, it is even more essential to choose them well because they end up being part of that room that is usually the living room and dining room at the same time.

The first choice we make when choosing interior doors is whether we want them to open traditionally or if we prefer them to be sliding. Both can be combined depending on the room or space. Besides, you can choose the same model for both thanks to the significant number of market options. In this way, it doesn’t matter what type of opening the door has or even its size. Don’t forget to take care of every last detail; for example, the doorknobs should be by the decoration’s colors in a nautical-themed house. Observing the ocean theme drawer pulls giving uniformity throughout the house.

The choice of color

Currently, interior doors’ options can be framed in two large groups: white doors or doors in natural wood tones. However, it should be noted that other colors, such as black or different shades, are beginning to make their way. Indeed, in the rest of the year, he will not be the most robust trend for interior doors, but we must take note because it may be a trend that is installed gradually to gain strength in some years.

White lacquered doors are ideal for small homes or those with little light, as they provide light and a sense of spaciousness, especially in narrow corridors. Wooden doors are also a strong trend and are worn in different shades, but always respecting the wood’s natural colors.

As for the crystals decorated with drawings, they have been left a little behind in favor of those that do not let you see the rooms’ interior but allow the passage of light. Transparent crystals can also be a trend, while beveled or mirror effect crystals no longer have a preferential place in fashion catalogs and trend magazines.

When we talk about sliding doors, it is no longer so important to hide them in the partition; on the contrary, doors with metal fittings, especially in black or aged colors, are taken out. There is also a tendency to cover the fittings with a wooden frame of the same tone as the door. This makes sliding doors cheaper and much easier to install, which has helped popularize them.

The style

Regardless of whether the doors are made of wood or lacquered, minimalist styles are in fashion. They take the straight lines away from the worked woods that were in force at other times. These doors are straightforward to clean and combine perfectly with modern minimalist styles, Nordic styles, or the mid-century ocean theme drawer pulls in vogue.

But for those who don’t want a door that goes unnoticed, there are the doors with drawings. The design is achieved by playing with the wood placement, mainly by alternating the side strips or with other combinations that make it visually break with the sense of equality we talked about.

Doors, floors, and skirting boards

Should you match the color of the doors with the skirting boards’ color, or do they have to check the floor? Moreover, in choosing wood, is it reasonable that it is all the same shade? In other times, the truth is that all the wood in the house had to be of the same tone and style, but this is no longer the case.

Many people bet on white doors, but in the case of the skirting board, choose that this is the same tone that the platform or the floor because on this piece is deposited enough dust, you can even stain with the mop or mop to touch it and white is very demanding. On the other hand, in a tone similar to wood, it is always easier to conceal stains or small frictions.

Wooden floors and white doors are a very fashionable combination. Dark tone wood floors are also worn with lighter tone wood doors, offering a nice contrast.