The Right Way to Pull off a Bedroom Accent Wall


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Apply an Eccentric Wallpaper

bedroom accent wall behind bed with mauve pink painted walls
Lauren Taylor

To pair with the red-violet walls in the rest of the space, Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs installs a calming, nature-inspired wallpaper behind the bed frame.


Embrace Color and Shape

bedroom accent wall with orange and red pattern
Lance Gerber

Contrast bright white walls with a bright geometric wallpaper behind a low-profile bed frame, as interior designer Michelle Boudreau does here. Decorative throw pillows tie the space together.


Paint an Ombre Effect

bedroom accent wall ideas
Seth Caplan

Rather than settle on a solid shade, create an ombré effect using two different paint colors. Here, design-firm DATE Interiors goes from light to dark — with the darkest shade near the floor.

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Accent a Bright Hue With White

bright bedroom with a year round beach vibe blue accent wall, white linens victorian farmhouse home in pasadena, ca designers alice arterberry and barrett cooke of arterberry cooke architecture
Jill Weller

Instead of a striking accent wall, go bright everywhere besides the accent wall. Here, architecture-firm Arterberry Cooke pairs aqua blue walls with white wood paneling on a single wall.


Go Moody With Matte Black

furniture, bedroom, room, white, black, bed, interior design, nightstand, bed frame, property,
Adam Macchia

Create a dramatic look and warm up the bedroom with a black accent wall. Take note from designer Dan Mazzarini and complement the space with a black bed frame and dark wall art.


Tie the Room Together

living with lolophotolife created sarah gaudar prpsd bedroom with hanging swing chair, rattan
Life Created

While the purple and white wallpaper is the star of the show, Living with Lolo adds matching throw pillows and an area rug to elevate the color palette.

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Draw a Circle Over the Headboard

bedroom with painted circle accent wall
Seth Caplan

For a bedroom accent that’s a bit more subtle, paint a large circle over the bed. It may not be a full accent wall, but the painted shape definitely establishes a focal point in this space designed by DATE Interiors.


Skip the Headboard

bright bedroom with blue wallpaper, white linens, yellow blanket, alarm clock sleep, calm
mike garten

With a wallpapered accent wall as vibrant as this one, there’s no need for a headboard. Complement a blue chevron print with bright white bedding.


Incorporate Earthy Tones

green accent wall
A Beautiful Mess

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Play With Bright Colors

round circle accent wall, pink and purple
Lesley Unruh

For a girl’s bedroom, don’t shy away from shades of purple and pink — starting with a patterned wallpaper, just as Kevin Isbell Interiors does.


Use Tape Instead of Paint

teen boy bedroom with blue stripe accent wall
THe Handmade Home

Match the Headboard

accent wall ideas
Mary Costa

To ensure your accent wall connects back to the rest of the bedroom, draw out a featured color and match it to the headboard (hot pink is the winner here).

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Turn a Closet or Nook Into an Accent

bedroom with cutout wallpapered nook
Sara Tramp Ligorria

Get creative with your placement of an accent wall — it doesn’t have to be one of the four main walls. Here, there’s a vanity nook with a dreamy wallpaper.

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Choose an Abstract Print

pink and gray bedroom, coral and white with gray accents
Phil Crozier

Placed behind the bed frame, this peach and white design exudes a modern, but somewhat boho, aesthetic. Reena Sotrop of In House Design Group balances the space with white walls everywhere else.


Wallpaper Half the Wall

pre teen bedroom with pink and pattern accent wall
Bless’er House

With white wood paneling on the bottom, this boho-inspired girl’s bedroom has a pastel-colored wallpaper on only the top half of the wall. The end result is subtle, yet striking.

Read More at Bless’er House »

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Keep It Sophisticated

blue wallpaper accent wall
Julia Lynn

An accent wall doesn’t always have to feel bold. Here, MDI Interior Design infuses a tasteful amount of color into this room. If you’re seeking a traditional look, pair a single wallpapered wall with white paint elsewhere.


Set the Mood With a Striking Print

accent wall with birds
Jim Schimd

With a jungle bird wallpaper, interior designer Ashley DeLapp adds an instant focal point in this earthy bedroom — which features olive-green paint on the other walls.


Choose a Daring Hue

bedroom accent wall ideas
Adam Macchia

Subdued neutrals aren’t the only paint colors that can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere. Take a cue from this Dan Mazzarini-designed bedroom, featuring a striking orange-red backdrop.

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Install a Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

bedroom accent wall ideas wallpaper
Tessa Neustadt

For this kids’ bedroom, designer Emily Henderson carved out a comfortable spot for Mom and Dad to nap whenever there’s an opportunity. The accent wall, sheathed in a tree wallpaper, defines the space and makes it a main focal point of the room.


Bring in a Rustic Touch

bedroom accent wall ideas
Monica Buck

Give any bedroom a cabin-like feel with wood paneling. Introduce function by incorporating a floating shelf above a short headboard — a useful spot to display everything from artwork to lighting.

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