Tips For Decorating A Girly Bathroom

Having the perfect girly space to pamper yourself at the start of the day is every females dream. Whether you want a relaxing soak in the tub, a long hot shower or a place to apply your make-up – there are plenty of decorating tips that will turn your bathroom into the girly retreat you always wanted. 

Every woman deserves to have their very own girly getaway but how can you give your bathroom the ultimate girly makeover?   Follow these simple tips for decorating a  girly bathroom  and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect sanctuary for you to enjoy time and time again. 

Paint Perfection 

Now when it comes to paint you may automatically go for pink, however there are other alternative colours that are still just as girly. Pastel colours will work extremely well in a girly themed bathroom, go for two colours that compliment one another. Pastels shades are highly elegant giving a feminine feel to any room especially when coordinated with the rest of your bathrooms decor. 

You could also go for a decorative border against a neutral wall if you don’t want to commit to painting the whole room. Themed bathrooms look great, if you opt for a themed room then you could go for vintage floral, polka dot or even a seaside theme. 

Feminine Furniture

Look out for a dressing table, a girly bathroom simply would not be complete without one. Of course you bathroom won’t be complete without a decorative mirror to look at yourself in, the bigger the better. Provide yourself with a space where you can do your hair and make-up and pamper yourself ready for an active day or a fabulous night out. 

Any girl will have lots of toiletries, perfumes and make-up products so storage is really important, you could pop up some decorative floating shelves or if you like to be neat and tidy then perhaps a vanity unit   to hide away all those bottles so you can use them as and when you want them. 

Accessorise it! 

The right decor can really make a bathroom, so when it comes to your girly bathroom accessories then the options are endless. 

Be sure to decorate with matching towels and a bathmat. The perfect whimsical accessories are embroidered towels, go for floral patterns, starfish, shells anything with a splash of colour or glittery thread is a perfect finishing touch. You could even get your name embroidered on each towel so you know who’s is who!

Finishing touches 

Adding a bunch of fresh flowers to your bathroom is the perfect way to make a girl feel special. The sweet smelling aromas of your favourite flowers will act as a natural air freshener as well as adding a touch of elegance. 

If you like to soak in the bath then you could surround your bath with some scented tea-lights this way you can sit back relax and let the flickering candles sooth you.