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Tips to Hang Your Painting with Precision

Wall hangings are highly effective in glorifying your house interior and personalize your space. However, hanging your photos and paintings on the wall is a tedious task requiring proper planning and time. What if the entire process of hanging your paintings can be done in a few steps?

Today, we are giving you DIY steps that you can follow to place your paintings just right the first time.

Before starting, determine the type of wall you have and how heavy your artwork is to help you identify the best fastener type to use in your application. A good wall anchor description is located at https://www.nevermeasure.com/comprehensive-guide-wall-anchors/

Once you have examined the wall type and best-fit fastener for it, it’s time to proceed further with the steps mentioned below.

Plan Your Location: Before taking any action, it’s essential to find the right place to hang the painting to amplify your interior. When finding the right place, be sure to consider your furniture, decorative items, and lighting to best display your artwork.  

Among all spaces available, you must consider the center of your wall. However, if you already have hangings on your wall, it’s good to choose the center of blank wall space.

Finalize Eye-Level Position: Once your location is fixed, it’s important to finalize the height that’s equivalent to your eye level. Placing the picture/photo at eye level allows everyone to be able to acknowledge your art and appraise it well.

Find the Right Tool: Now comes the big problem, i.e., finding the exact point to drill the hole without breaking the horizontal level. When it comes to finding the right tool, there aren’t many options that can lessen your efforts and give you the correct position for drilling. 

The right thumb rule says the marked point for your painting is intersecting its height and width. However, this is a mathematical format that isn’t accurate every time. When you are confused about how you can choose the exact point on the wall, you need a tool with perfection. 

You have the ultimate option, i.e., NeverMeasure. It is one of the perfect tools that have been used for precision. Nevertheless, there are numerous other tools available, which you can choose based on your ease.

Whether you own a house or live in a rented house, it’s important to place every nail on the wall precisely. Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily set the painting at the exact place you finalized without worrying about its alignment and interior beauty.

So, what more do you want to know about this DIY process? Do let us know if you have any doubt related to this process. Also, share your views and opinions on any other process that can work well for some readers.