Top 7 Home Exterior Design Ideas in 2023

Maintaining the exteriors of your house is just as important as the interiors since exterior appearance is the first thing anybody notices about your home, and they say, “first impression is a lasting impression”.

The house exteriors are obviously subjected to many weather elements like heat, rain, dust, and wind. Renewing these or remodeling it is necessary after few years, especially when they become dull-looking. When such a time comes, it’s better to remodel it to have a different or more modern design and keep things looking fresh.

These ideas can not only help you upgrade your current home, but also if you’re planning to move into a new one. You can easily avoid the stress of relocation by hiring House Shifting Services in Navi Mumbai who will take up complete responsibility of your move from start to end. You can finally invest your time to think of the different ways in which you can design your new house with family. 

Here are 7 home exterior remodeling ideas you can work on:

  1. Re-painting your house 
  2. Refurbishing the roof 
  3. Adding a Porch 
  4. Implementing Textured Walls 
  5. Incorporate landscaping 
  6. Upgrading Windows
  7. Adding exterior lighting 


Repainting your House

One of the most noticeable things about the house is its color. 

  • A good color scheme is important for the look of the house. 
  • Paints also have different properties such as waterproof and dustproof to protect your house walls from the natural elements such as rain, dust, heat, etc. 
  • There are many things to consider while choosing the color of your house; bright colors tend to become dull after a while, and light colors become easily dirty unless it is dirt-proof.
  • Nowadays, there are heat reflecting paints as well which can help keep the temperature of the house lower than normal.
  • If you are not sure about color schemes or the best-suited type of paint, hire a professional to do it for you. 

Refurbishing the Roof

The roof is a major contributing factor to style your house. Not only is the roof an important part of decorating your house depending on the type of roofing it also helps maintain temperature inside the house. The roof is one of the most exposed part of your house, it bears the brunt of the effects of the weather. For houses that have access to the roof and use it to house potted flowering plants or creepers, materials for roofing should be easy to clean and water resistant to remain robust and prevent cracking in the roof.

Adding a Porch

If you own a Villa or have considerable space in front of your house consider adding a porch commonly known as a veranda. It adds a nice touch to the house and provides an option for outdoor relaxation possibly overlooking the garden where you can monitor children playing about. It also is a nice alternative to the living room when there are too many guests at home. Some may think that porches are outdated, but it still remains a classy addition to any house in 2020.

Implementing Textured Walls

Apart from color being one of the most noticeable components of design, the next striking element is the texture of walls. Plain walls with color over it is boring, bland, and very old-style; so, here are some ideas to give a better look to your home:

  • You can use textured paints that apply a particular textured paint that gives the impression of the wall having textures. 
  • Consider adding wooden shingles with a protective coating or a stucco finish to the walls or architectural wall panels wherever appropriate, this adds an extra dimension to the house exterior.

Incorporate landscaping

If one has free space in front of your house and need a cheap alternative for a porch then consider landscaping.

  • Add a few potted plants or naturally grown shrubs and if there is ample space, add a mini lawn in front of your house.
  • With the addition of colorful flowering plants this area can be vibrant and beautiful. 
  • With a mini lawn, you could arrange barbecue or outdoor birthday parties.
  • Cool hangout place for your family and your pets if any. Dogs especially need to move about and even a small space outside can enable a dog to be active and healthy and also give it a place to defecate outside the house without wandering out of the compound.

Upgrade your Windows

Windows play a major part in exterior aesthetics of a house; the placement & design of windows can make or break the look of a house. Traditional windows and window sill design are very archaic and are quickly outdated. They are tough to maintain as they accumulate a lot of dust from the streets and are also very liable to leaking water through the gaps during a stormy night.

  • It’s best to consider upgrading to a more sleek and stylish sliding windows preferably with light tint to reduce exposure to harmful rays of sunlight and heat as required.
  • There are various options like making the windows translucent or using roller cover, cellular shades, and shutters to ensure privacy.

Add Exterior Lighting

Add exterior lighting to top off your new design as it would help make it visible during times of low lighting such as evening and night. 

  • There are many beautiful designs for lighting that enhance the color and aesthetics of your house, porch, and garden space.
  • A well-selected colored lighting can complement the external features of the house such as wall designs, patterns, color, architectural wall panels and more previously mentioned improvements to the exterior of your house.
  • It is also important to keep the front of your house well-lit to help improve visual clarity and identify strangers that approach your door at all times. 
  • If the front of the house is well lit it also discourages burglars to attempt a break-in due to the fear of being easily spotted.

There are numerous design changes that can be implemented for your home exteriors; but, if you are looking for a basic place to start, then these are some of the major exterior design upgrades you can consider in 2020. Of course, you have more freedom when it comes to renovating your own home than rented ones, since landlords may not give the necessary permissions. However, it’s also not impossible altogether as you still have the option of working on the exterior lightings, using potted plants, designing your windows from outside, and various other things.

If you need to relocate, doing it by yourself will take up a lot of your time & effort, leaving no room for you/your family to plan how to design your new home exteriors. Hence, it’s best to rely on good house shifting companies who are capable of packing & moving your items with full safety & protection; this way, you need not worry about having to pack your goods & renting trucks to shift them and so on. To find trusted relocation experts, it’s best to go through a reputed reference portal like, through which you’ll be able to get multiple references of Moving Companies in Thane who are pre-verified and offer instant cost estimations. All you will need to do is, compare the obtained charge quotations & hire best matched shifting service provider for your needs.

Happy Moving & Remodeling!