Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Must Know

The kitchen is everyone’s favorite place at home. A way to everyone’s heart is definitely food, especially food made at home. The vibe of this place needs to look good so that the person who makes food in the kitchen is happy.

Designing or re-designing kitchen with beautiful Kitchen cabinets can transform any kitchen’s look. A good kitchen makes home cozy and happening. These days Kitchen cabinets are trending and so much variety is available in the market.

There are so many varieties to chose your Kitchen cabinets from and you must be confused where to begin from.

It is advisable to take some professional help from people who are experts in designing.
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Types of Cabinets – 

1. Base Cabinets : 

  • They basically are lower cabinets which are durable and sturdy.
  • Benefits of these Kitchen cabinets are they provide support to heavy Counterparts.
  • Base Kitchen cabinets are the ‘heavy lifters’ and provide bulk storage.
  • They have a lot of shelves in it to store different things.
  • Other additions you can make in it are trolleys and racks.

Different types of base Kitchen cabinets are-Base easy-access cabinets, Base pull
out cabinets, Two-drawer base cabinets, Open base cabinets, Corner cabinets, Super cabinets.

2. Wall cabinets : 

  • Wall-mounted cabinets are really trendy these days.
  • They have enough storage space and don’t let your kitchen feel empty or old-fashioned.
  • Easily accessible and durable and sturdy.
  • They are also called workhorses of cabinetry.

Types of Wall Kitchen cabinets are Pull down spice rack, Appliance garage, Wall easy-access storage cabinet, Kitchen wall cabinet with Lazy Susan, Electronic Lift cabinet.

3. Tall cabinets : 

  • Tall cabinets are one of the most preferred and most effective Kitchen cabinet types.
  • It certainly has the advantage of height and storage capacity.
  • They are known are ‘high achievers’ of Cabinetry and quite trendy.
  • Mostly used for Pantry and utility storage.
  • Accommodates large or unwieldy items
  • Bulk supplies can easily be kept in these Kitchen cabinets.

Types of Tall kitchen cabinets are

Utility tall cabinet, oven and microwave cabinet, tall pantry pull out, pantry super cabinet

4. Cabinet door : 

  • They make a big impression in any re-designed room.
  • Play a significant role in visual appeal.
  • They define your personal style very well.
  • These kitchen cabinets can be styled in many different ways.

Types of Kitchen cabinet doors are-

Raised panel cabinet door, Recessed panel cabinet door, Full overlay cabinet doors, Partial overlay cabinet doors, Inset cabinet doors, Beaded and non-beaded styling, Arch and slab cabinet doors.

5. Shaker style kitchen cabinets : 

    • These cabinets are unique, simple and very attractive.
    • They are mirroring the furniture designed by Shakers – extreme skills of craftsmen and carpenters.
    • Characterized by 5 piece door and recessed central panel.
    • They are made using hardwood which is durable for years.
    • These cabinets are given natural finishing or minimal color

6. Ready-made kitchen cabinet :

    • Consider your size requirements before buying ready-made kitchen cabinets.
    • Every ready-made cabinet after exploring plenty of designs.
    • You definitely have plenty of designs to choose from.
    • These come with a price tag beforehand so you can compare them with other places and then decide.

7. Old kitchen cabinets :

  • Its time to bring back the rustic kitchen cabinet back into your homes
  • A person who is an old school in choices can be a perfect match for this.
  • Old cabinets also mean transforming your present cabinet into something that is new in trend.
  • One can simply add new woods and re-paint or sand them down.

8. Open kitchen cabinet :

  • Open Kitchen cabinets are used for personal styling.
  • These are not very decorative.
  • Great for minimum storage type.
  • Allowance to show all the kitchenware and cookware.
  • Doors will never be trouble instead a lot of dust will be.

9. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

  • These are semi-made kitchen cabinets
  • Cabinets like these can be assembled according to one’s choice.

Everyone must define their kitchen according to their family type, personalities or vibe.
Kitchen cabinets have made it easy for all the households that let them incorporate designs that are suitable to family members.
It’s time to redecorate the most integral part of the house.