5 Things To Consider When Hiring a Professional Painter

Hiring a professional painter is not as easy as it seems. Finding the right company that offers competent services should be the priority and to do that you should consider the following things:


Painting is a professional job and it requires proper training. Ensure that the painter is qualified and has the requisite knowledge; many painters have valid certifications too, which you can check. A painter who is a novice will not know how to handle the various paints properly, they will not know which paint solution would be the best for your house, but a professional painter will have extensive knowledge of paints and surfaces. If you hire a painting contractor, make sure that the painting crew is knowledgeable and experienced. I recently used Triangle Painting and they had a team of painters who are really experienced and know what to do. Research and find such contractors.

Knows everything about colours:

Painting is not just brushing the surface with paint, it also involves colour and the right painter will know how to use colours to provide maximum effect. Even a small house can be made to appear big with the right colour combination. Colours that provide a calming effect can be used in bedrooms, colours that enhance creativity can be used in kid’s rooms etc. The knowledge about colours and textures comes with experience and you should use this skill properly to get the best output from your painter. Speak to the painter and ask them their opinion, they will surely let you know what is best for the house, how to make the space look great, what colour to use to enhance the furniture etc.


A good painter will always provide references. You can contact the references and know whether the work done was satisfactory. You can also ask friends and relatives for references if they have used the services of the painter in the past. Most contractors have websites where you can see the past work, before and after pictures will surely help you decide on a painter.


Insurance is very important and you should make sure that the painters have the necessary insurance. Many homeowners forget to check insurance, it is a very bad practice because the homeowner can be held liable if any mishap occurs. Painters need to work using scaffolding, ladders etc and this can sometimes lead to injury, also the ladder may fall and injure a neighbour or their car or building and if something like that happens you will be thankful for the insurance.

Economically suitable:

Painters with high degree of experience tend to be very costly. You need to get the best value for money so make sure that you do your research and check the paint cost in your local area. Based on the information you can make an informed decision. Also make it a point to never pay full in advance, pay 50% upfront, and pay as the work progresses but always hold 15% of the cost and make the payment only when you are fully satisfied with the work done.