5 Reasons Why Drywall is the Best Building Material for Office Buildings

Deciding the best materials for an office building can be a long process. No business owner wants to spend more money than is absolutely necessary, but it is also important to make sure their offices are a safe place to work. Finding the right materials for your office requires research and lots of quotes.

One of the bigger decisions in an office is the walling. It is important to find a safe, cost-effective walling to cover the inside of your office. One of the most common walling choices for office buildings is drywall. From drywall contractors in Dallas to drywall experts across the country, you can hear many reasons why drywall is such a popular choice.

There are many benefits to choosing drywall for your office building. So many, in fact, that they can’t all be included in this article. Here are just five of the reasons why drywall is the best option for your office building.

1. Insulation

Drywall is excellent at keeping your office building at the correct temperature. It provides a temperature-controlled environment that makes working much more comfortable. Correctly installed drywall is as close to airtight as walling can get. 

Correctly installed drywall can save a building owner money because it is so good at keeping the temperature you set your building at. None of your hard-earned money will leak out the cracks in your walls and windows if you use drywall.

In the pursuit of an energy-efficient office, drywall is your best option. There is not another walling material that is quite as good at insulating. Especially not for such a great price.

2. Clean

Drywall came into popularity in the first place because of the clean, flat walls it creates. An office building does not really need an interesting texture. Office buildings make the most sense with clean walls.

Because properly installed drywall has no visible joints, the walls look like they are made of one big piece material. Drywall offers a no-frills look that compliments an office atmosphere perfectly. 

Drywall became a popular building material because of how quickly it could be installed while still looking nice. Because drywall is a cheap, quick material to install a lot of people think it is not a good product. The clean put together looks drywall leaves behind can not be argued with, however, and drywall has lasted as a widely used material. 

3. Pricing

There is a very good reason why most of the office buildings you see are made of drywall. That reason would be the excellent pricing. Drywall is one of the cheapest walling options you can come across.

Thankfully, no quality is sacrificed for the price of the drywall. Depending on what type of drywall you get the price can change, but all the drywall options are very cost-effective. Even the most expensive drywall choices such as noise-canceling, or water-resistant options are still reasonably priced.

The average pricing for drywall is about $1.50 per square foot. With the added cost for professional installation, you are looking at between $40 and $60 per panel. That is a very reasonable price to have drywall professionally installed. 

4. Options

There is a surprising amount of drywall options. One of the most often heard complaints you will hear is how drywall molds and falls apart if it gets wet. That can be true if you decide to install basic drywall, but there are drywall options that prevent those issues.

Purple drywall is both mold and water-resistant. It offers the same clean look that normal drywall provides, and it is not so much more expensive as to be a ridiculous choice. Purple drywall takes away so many of the arguments against normal drywall because it was specifically engineered to fix the problems people had with drywall.

There are other drywall options besides purple as well. There is also paperless drywall which offers an interesting texture. There is a blue board that is water-resistant. There are even soundproof options if you want a quiet office. 

5. Repair

There is quite a lot of general wear a tear that happens just about everywhere in an office. The sprinklers could go off and flood the building. An employee could scrape the walls moving a desk. There are a lot of things that can be damaged in an office building over time and walls are no exception. 

Drywall might crack a bit if you hit it wrong while moving a desk, but it is also very easy to patch up. If drywall gets damaged in any way it is easy to patch up, and easy to replace. Drywall can actually be torn down quicker than it was put up so if there is ever a problem you can have it solved very quickly.

If you have duct issues or need some drywall cut off to get inside the walls, you do not have to worry. If the edge of a desk gets shoved through the wall it is not a problem. Holes in drywall can be patched up very easily. Drywall is a good option if you want walls that are easy to fix as well as install.


Drywall Installers. Men holding a gypsum board figured cut

Office buildings have a lot of requirements that must be met during their building process. It is important that an office building is safe for the people who will be working there and comfortable enough that no one will dread going into the office. Luckily, there is no need to break the bank while looking for safe, attractive walling.

Drywall meets all the needs that an office owner has. It provides an inexpensive wall that keeps a temperature-controlled environment. Drywall does not have to be the traditional walling that molds easily if it gets wet. There are many cost-effective options to meet any need you have.

Overall drywall is a very good material to use in an office building. It offers clean walls for cheap. Drywall also is easily repaired from the general damage all office buildings acquire over time. Drywall is absolutely the best wall material for the interior of an office building.