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Where Should You Go for Air Conditioning Service in West Palm Beach?

The hot and muggy climate isn’t anything new for the citizens of Florida. Worse are those days when there is no hint of a breeze. Such are the days when you count your blessings, and topping the list is the air conditioner. It is your saving grace even on the hottest summer days. Thanks to an efficiently working AC, the indoors are always nice and cool, keeping you comfortable and in a pleasant mood. However, if you notice the key here, it is an “Efficiently Working AC”.

The air conditioner is a piece of electronic equipment that works for hours and sometimes even for days at an end. A machine that runs continuously not only needs maintenance but, at times, even repairs. And this is where the need for air conditioning service in West Palm Beach crops.

Why Do You Need Air Conditioning Service In West Palm Beach?

The three main reasons why air conditioning is required are:

  1. Installation – When you buy a new heating and cooling system or replace the old one, its installation needs to be done by a trained HVAC contractor. There are a lot of technicalities involved, and you wouldn’t want to take any chances with such expensive equipment. For that matter, even the warranty of the new machinery rests on the fact that the installation work is being carried out by a licensed contractor.  
  2. Maintenance – To keep the air conditioner in top-notch form during the peak of the summer season, its timely maintenance is a must-do. This way, when you need it the most, the air conditioner will not break down but work effortlessly to maintain the desired temperature. When a machine works so tirelessly, it needs a little care from time to time. In the case of an AC, that care means an inspection of its various components and repairing and replacing whatever part seems to be failing. The maintenance task cannot be carried out by the homeowner, and so you will need an air conditioning service provider to do the needful.  
  3. Repair – Despite maintenance, the air conditioner may develop faults. It is not because the maintenance was lacking, but because of wear and tear that the machinery continuously undergoes. The repairs are not always a simple fix. Some will require opening up the AC to rectify the faulty component or change it completely. In any case, this, too, is a job that is best seen by the HVAC technician. Remember, the AC is an expensive piece of machinery, and if you fiddle with it without proper knowledge, you will do more damage to the system.

Annual AC Maintenance Is A Must

Some homeowners may think that AC maintenance is an unnecessary wastage of money. In fact, many HVAC contractors who provide air conditioning services in West Palm Beach often come across such clients. According to these clients, maintenance is just a way for contractors to make some easy money. All they do is fiddle around with the unit, brush some dust, tighten some screws and call it a day. It is exactly this ideology that gets them in trouble with their air conditioners. Annual maintenance of the cooling equipment is indeed preventive maintenance. It is carried out to ensure that the unit does not break down or develop any major fault when you need it the most, that is, during the summer season.

When And How Often To Schedule An Air Conditioning Service In West Palm Beach?

The HVAC contractors advise their clients to schedule AC maintenance during the spring season. It is because the weather is still a little cool at this time, and one can do without the AC for some time.

Ideally, AC maintenance is an annual affair. However, if your AC collects dust more often, you can increase the frequency of maintenance from annually to semi-annually.

Signs That Indicate Its Time To Go For Air Conditioning Service In West Palm Beach

If you pay attention to your AC and the climate inside the home, you will realize that there are several indicators that point to calling for professional air conditioning service. Some of these are:

  • A hot and humid atmosphere inside the house.
  • Water dripping from the AC.
  • The AC starts making strange sounds that it never did before.
  • In spite of correct temperature settings, the AC is not cooling the house properly.
  • There is a drastic increase in the power bills for the same amount of usage.
  • The circuit breaker starts frequently tripping for no good reason.
  • There is ice formation on the coils.

Where Should You Go For Air Conditioning Service In West Palm Beach?

Whenever there is a need, it is always good to use a local HVAC contractor for servicing and repair of the AC. It is because being in the same locality; you can seek them out at a moment’s notice. Also, if need be, following up with a locally available contractor is much easier and convenient. The only things that you should ensure while finalizing a contractor are:

  • The contractor should be licensed to practice in your state.
  • They should have insurance to safeguard your interests as well as their own.
  • Their reputation in the market and with clients should be good.
  • They should stand behind the work they do and offer some sort of a guarantee.

Before Signing Off

Before we end, its time to reiterate some plain facts.

  • Always stick to the annual AC maintenance schedule. 
  • If something doesn’t seem to be right with the AC, call for professional help.
  • Choose a local contractor with an excellent reputation to handle your AC problems.
  • Never fall victim to a scammer simply because their quote is the lowest. Remember, the cheapest is not the best. 

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