10 Most Comfortable Recliners of 2023, According to Experts


✔️ Size: Unlike a standard chair, recliners need plenty of room to fully extend — both in front of the chair for the foot rest and behind the chair for the seat back. You’ll want to make sure that you have the space for the chair you choose without it bumping into walls or other furniture, so it’s important to consider the dimensions of the chair in its stationary and fully-extended position.

It’s also a good idea to consider your body size when shopping for recliner chairs. Some chairs are designed specifically for petite bodies and are on the smaller side, while others are oversized and comfortably fit taller or larger frames. You will typically be able to find the dimensions and the weight capacity in the product listing on the brand’s website, which can help you determine if the chair is right for you and your home.

✔️ Fiber content: Here is a breakdown of some of the common types of materials used for recliner chairs:

  • Polyester: This is a durable synthetic material that can be used for all sorts of fabrics to create different textures, feel and appearance — from velvet to faux suede to a basic weave. It’s typically relatively affordable and easy to care for, making it great for families with kids and pets.
  • Natural fibers: You may also find some recliners made with natural fabrics, like cotton or linen, which aren’t quite as durable as synthetic polyester but are breathable and comfortable.
  • Faux leather: If you’re looking for a faux leather chair, polyurethane is the most popular option. It can be smooth and supple and designed to look just like true leather for a more affordable price. Keep in mind that it can also be more prone to peeling over time.
  • Leather: True leather from animal hides is luxurious, durable and usually long-lasting, though it may face discoloration with continued use. It’s also on the more expensive side and can be difficult to keep clean.

✔️ Reclining abilities: Some recliners are manual, which means they require effort on your part to extend, while others are powered with electricity for easy reclining.

  • Pull tab: There is a lever that you can pull out or up to lift the footrest. Once the foot rest is extended, pushing back on the seat will recline the chair.
  • Push back: Push-back designs don’t require the extra step of pulling. You just push yourself back into the seat, which simultaneously lifts the footrest and extends the seat backwards.
  • Power: A power recliner plugs into a wall outlet and is typically equipped with a panel of buttons or a remote that allows you to control the reclining and leg rest features without any extra pushing or pulling.

✔️ Price: Couches and chairs of any kind can range widely in price, which is why it’s important to evaluate your budget before shopping. Our research suggests you can find a quality recliner in the mid-$300 range with some options ringing in a little higher in the $500-to-$600 range. Of course, there are other recliners that can cost you over $1,000 or more. These luxury chairs are more expensive but offer high-end materials and extra design features that can be worth the splurge depending on what is important to your needs.


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