5 Plumbing Apps Every Plumber Should Know About

These days, there is an app (probably more than one) available for anything you can think of. Modern technology continues to make our tasks more convenient and knowledge easier to obtain. Naturally, this carries over into both our private and professional lives. No matter what field you’re specialized in, there are professional apps designed to make your job and your employer’s job easier. Even a field consisting largely of manual labor, such as plumbing, can benefit from using these apps. The following are just a handful of apps to help you if you work in the plumbing industry. 


This app is a perfect solution for service contractors in general. Any transaction performed, whether it’s in the field or in the office, is immediately recorded in Quickbooks, resulting in easily calculated performance data. This should help dramatically cut down any accounting mistakes as well as save many office hours that can be spent focusing on other tasks and improvements. It can also easily connect you to all other employees, as well as customers, to ensure everyone stays on the same page. With a free demo available to walk you through all the benefits in detail, there’s no reason any plumbing company shouldn’t take a look at this app.  


This app is essentially an “all in one” solution for plumbing companies. The software was designed by plumbing contractors, and it remains the most widely used plumbing software in the world. It allows for easy scheduling, dispatch, and service, all of which are tracked in real time. It also has tools to make office tasks like accounting and payroll run smoother. You can even use it to market your company. This app also has a demo version, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

But maybe you don’t feel the need for a comprehensive system for your company. Maybe you’re comfortable with how you run things, for the most part, and you’re just looking for a free app to make one aspect a little easier. Luckily, there are plenty of options for that.

JobFLEX Plumbing Estimating and Billing App

As its name suggests, this app started as an estimating tool, but it has since expanded its scope to offer invoicing capabilities to help keep track of payments and make collecting as efficient as possible. You can import your pricings to the app and add the information before setting foot on a job site. You can also have the app send emails to customers before you head to their location. Converting an estimate into an invoice is lightning fast and should significantly cut down on your paperwork.

Plumbing Formulator App

Whether you’re trying to calculate how much gas a water heater is using or calculate pipe dimensions while drain cleaning Richmond VA, this is a great app that can convert any measurements and calculate the right formulas for any job. Calculate water flow and refer to pipe charts to weigh your options. Determine how much space you’ll need for a new installation. Calculate how much pipe you’ll need for a job or the cost of a pump to properly service the desired area.  Regardless of the job, this is an app no plumber should be without.

Route4Me Route Planner

While this might seem like just another GPS app at a glance, this app is specifically useful for those who have a complex route for work. This app will calculate the most efficient route based on multiple address inputs. Avoid wasting time and gas by doubling back, and coordinate stops conveniently to ensure daily tasks are done as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a full on business assistant, or you just want to make one part of your job easier, these apps should help any plumber. Just be careful about handling your phone on the job, or you might need to call your own smartphone repair man!