5 reasons you need an electric planer

The advantages of purchasing a planer are multiple. This is a real investment that should not be taken lightly. Also, we have compiled for you the benefits you can get from buying the best planer jointer.

  1. A combined two in one

The planer jointer is a two-in-one device: it allows having the features of a planing machine and a planing machine. Also, regarding practicality, the jointer planer is devices that will not only save you time but also gain precision. You will be able to calibrate your pieces of wood simply and effectively while having the possibility of making them easy.

  1. A device for all needs

A planer jointer is primarily a carpentry machine that will suit both the professional carpenter and amateur. You just have to choose the model that fits your needs and your budget, and you will have available a very powerful machine and especially accurate, which is also widely used by carpenters craftsmen.

  1. Treat type of wood

With a planer jointer, you can easily treat hardwoods and soft woods without difficulty. True professional apparatus, the planer jointer will come without any difficulty of wood such as oak or chestnut. Obviously, not all jointers are capable of chestnut but some models can easily without having to make many passes because of their power of execution.

  1. Work bigger wooden planks

With the presence of a table, the Planer is obviously the ideal device for working larger wood planks. In this respect, there are several sizes of planter planing table, some exceeding 400mm, which will give you a great comfort of use.

  1. Fascinating features

The planer jointer also allows you to work in greater silence, thanks to the presence of series of anti-noise lips, a device to stifle the noise when you go to plan. Moreover, the fact of being able to tilt the guides is convenient for chamfering.