A kitchen in the house nowadays is not just a place where meals are prepared but plays a much important role. Today, it is the attraction focus of the house and remodeling it is therefore now very essential. There are a lot of many modern and unique designs that are now becoming popular among homeowners. It enhances the overall look of the kitchen and makes the house more attractive.

Above all, the countertop is one of the most basic and essential segments of the kitchen. It is the establishment of stylistic kitchen layout at the time of remodeling of the kitchen. It decides the pace and feel of the space of the whole kitchen room. Therefore, to choose a trendy kitchen, countertop is a great deal to make. One needs to decide what material, design, and style you want for your countertop. Here, we have assembled the most amazing and exotic patterns for your countertop that can make your kitchen look more lucrative.

1)     QUARTZ: the king of all countertops

Quartz is the best alternative for all other countertops as it is completely non-porous and doesn’t need to experience standard re-fixing. It is exceptionally safe against re-coloring and one of the cleanest countertop options for the homeowners. Apart from this, quartz also is incredibly reliable and sturdy and cost very minimal maintenance cost. Presently, quartz comes in numerous colors and patterns that look like natural stone. The most popular and trendy completions in the current time is it’ matte look. Quartz also keeps on adding choices and frequently enhances, thus impress the owners.

 2)       HONED and POLISHED

Honed and leather surfaces are the most widely recognized material surfaces and can be connected to a wide range of materials such as rock, marble, and quartz. On the other hand, honed finish gives a matte completion with practically no sparkle. The shine and overall appearance of the finishing will shift contingent upon the kind of stone used.

Last but not least, the leathered finish is another a more up to date style of technique that has turned out to be progressively prominent nowadays. It doesn’t give a shiny look and is less reflexive from a cleaned piece. However, above all, still, a large number of house owners prefer polished surface counterparts.

 3)     Cabinet colors

Selecting the cabinet colors is a significant and crucial task to do as it impacts the look of the overall kitchen. Previously, white cabinets were mainly utilized for any kitchen style; however, with time, the white look starts declining in fame. Now, people used to prefer a blending of additional pop of colors that separate all-white kitchen with a wide range of paint and wood colors.

The blue-green shade combination is becoming extremely famous along with the other advancements such as black or navy dark jewel stones, emerald green and plum. White and black countertops manufacturers are gaining much popularity from the audience. It gives the whole kitchen an elegant and profound luxurious look. However, make sure that it doesn’t make the look much flashy and make the rooms look ceaselessly dull.  

 4)     Kitchen sinks style

Along with the countertops treatment, sinks design is also a great deal which should not be left out. With the rapid innovation, kitchen sinks also are coming in different finishing and styles. Also, you can choose the size of the kitchen sink as per your preference. You will get surprised to know that sinks too are coming in matte look and the apparatuses in gold and metal hues.

This year, the oversized sinks are picking up the attraction of the homeowners, and it is used incredibly by them along with the oversized refrigerators. Additionally, the farmhouse sinks popularly known as cover front sinks are excessively in vogue. Therefore, you can choose your kitchen style that gives a trendy look to the main attraction of the house i.e., kitchen room.

 5)     Backsplash trends

The tiles backsplash is another major thing to consider in countertops. A considerable change can be seen in the tiles market as people are moving to the more massive slabs of tiles along with new exotic patterns and styles. The pieces can be of any material including marble, quartz, wood, copper, and glass. Additionally, it comes in a lot many colors that you can choose according to your personal preference.


So, these were some of the trendy countertops ideas that you can consider.