Some Important Improvement to Consider For Renovating Your Bathroom

It is very essential to renovate your bathroom from time to time as it can add value to your homes and update the bathroom styles for making it better adapted to your present requirements. So whenever you will see that the décor and color looks outdated or if you observe that are some kind of leakage or smell or humidity in your bathroom you must understand that it is the time to renovate the bathroom. In Toronto, if you want to renovate your bathroom you must always take the outstanding service of the best Toronto bathroom renovations & contractors. If you are renovating your bathroom then you must at least do the following changes so that the functionality, storage and comfort of your bathroom can be improved:

  • Install a low-flow and hidden tank: The Hidden tank is always better for any kind of modern-day bathroom as it comes up with many advantages. It is actually a type of tank where it is mostly seen that the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall. One biggest advantage of this kind of hidden tank is that it can save a lot of space of your bathroom and fits well even if the area of your bathroom is small. Apart from that, you must also choose the low-flow models whenever you select the hidden tank as it has enough capacity to save a lot of water every time you flash it. This type of tank is certainly a smart choice and can certainly increase the value of your home or office or hotel after completing the renovation. 
  • Small, textured tiles on the shower floor: You can find millions of flooring and wall tiles that you can use at the time of remodeling your bathroom. But it is always better if you choose a small and textured shower tile. If you will choose small and textured it will be easy to clean since in this type of tiles grouts are generally used which can resist mold, humidity as well as stain. You must try to mix and match various patterns and colors of tiles on the floor and walls of your bathroom so that it can provide maximum visual impact and can provide enhanced harmonious looks.   
  • 2-inch plumbing drain pipes: Making 2-inch plumbing in the drain pipes in your bathroom can be a small and invisible change but it will certainly make a huge difference as per as the functionality of the bathroom is considered. Generally, it is seen that bathroom drain plumbing is of 1 ½ or 1 ¼ inch-diameter. But such kind of drain pipe can become clogged very easily in case there are several members in your family and all of them use the same shower or bath. 2-inch plumbing drain pipe will also cost the same but such chance can dramatically enhance the quality of drainage system in your bathroom.
  • Install tub in your bathroom: If you have large space in your bathroom then it is ideal for adding a tub in the bathroom. Installing a tub in the bathroom will certainly add more appeal than just having one shower. Bathtub becomes quite essential when you have children at your home and they use to take bath at the bathroom. In fact, having a combination of bathtub and shower is always a better choice for any modern-day bathroom. If you have larger space then there will be no problem to install both the bathtub and shower in your bathroom. 

Include a window in the bathroom: One biggest problem that is generally found in most of the bathroom is the humidity that usually gets trapped in the bathroom due to the lack of enough ventilation. Although installing a bathroom fan can solve the problem of humidity but the best way to deal with it is to insert a window for better ventilation. Apart from that, adding a window can also help you to keep your bathroom clean and it can easily avoid the formation of mold and mildew as it can let the natural sunlight in the bathroom. You can also open the window in order to get enough air when you are not using the bathroom.