6 Important Things to Consider Before Building a Garage Addition

If you don’t have one, a new garage may be the addition your house needs. The additional square footage will add value to the home. It will definitely improve your life, taking care of your vehicle and keeping you out of the weather. It also provides the opportunity for some  organizational space. If you think out every aspect of a new garage, you’ll get more out of it in the end.  

Stake Off the Area

If you are considering a garage, it’s easy to get some wood and twine to stake off the area.  This will give you an idea of how much space it will actually take. It will allow you to determine whether the driveway may need to be altered.  

Stay Attached

An attached garage is generally cheaper. A detached garage may be harder to get past zoning laws or HOA regulations. It is generally more expensive because an attached garage is making use of one or more existing walls.  It’s possible that a detached garage won’t enhance your home values, making it more of a vanity project than an attached garage..   

Build Smart

You must get permission to build your garage. So why not find out from the beginning what is allowed and what’s not?  You’ll need to know how close to the street you can build and whether or not there are ordinances that affect how big your garage can be. Zoning laws may affect where your contractor can park trucks or block the road for periods of time. You’ll want to request that your builder use access mats to protect your yard. These composite crane mats protect the top toilsoil, saving you from having to redo your lawn after construction is finished.

Build Up

The problem with many house attics today is unsupported flooring.  Building a garage gives you a chance to create an attic with a proper floor. As long as there is a center area where a person can stand up, the rest doesn’t need normal room height.  Built to your requirements, the area should be easily accessible with a large opening where boxes or even furniture could be passed through.  This kind of well-ventilated proper storage, which is lacking in most homes today, would be personally useful and could add value when selling the home. It should allow you to reduce your clutter inside your home, leaving rooms and closets more spacious.

Build Wide

Whether or not you can create attic space, you’ll need organizational space. You will need a slightly larger garage to allow for this space along both side walls and in the back. This is why you need to include plans for this space from the beginning of your project. A larger building addition will cost more up front, but in the long run, the small increase in square footage should make your garage extremely useful for your garden tools, yard equipment, and even shop tools. 

Build Long

Another option is to build a utility room inside the garage against the back wall. This would give you a space for a tool shed or workshop. It could just as easily be a laundry room.  The main consideration here, beyond the expense, is how the garage will look from the street. If it is turned slightly away from the street, it shouldn’t look too big for the house.  It may be possible to add architectural features, such as a covered entryway at the front door, that will balance the garage’s size and mass.