Murano Glass Vases

Throughout the years, the perfect concept of home décor has constantly changed, making a new version of the old designs trending and popular amongst the households. Now, that 2021 has just ended, and with its end we are close to seeing an end to this unfortunate situation that has taken over the world these past 2 years, so as it’s said, new year new me, or new year new décor in this scenario.

We all have different taste of home design and décor, and this taste is evolving and developing throughout the years. Of course when we are in our twenties, we can live in a box and we won’t care, we didn’t care about what color was the table or if we had a vase or not in our room, but as we get older, or let me rephrase it, as we advance, we are getting more and more specific in what we want from our habitat, how we want it too look and thus feel.

To make things better, let’s discuss a little bit about the interior design styles there are. Firstly, everyone knows one minimalist in their life, or maybe you are that one. Well the minimalist style is very calm, filled with uncomplicated forms, clean lines and simple finish. It puts emphasis on the concept of less is more and it loves empty space. The contemporary interior design has a lot of similar qualities with the minimalist style, featuring sleek and simple space. Metal and glass are two materials that are very common to be seen in this type of home design. It’s popular by its neutral color palettes and textured fabrics to create interest. Leading on to one of the most popular styles of design today all around the world – Transitional style. Think of it as a mix of contemporary lines and traditional elegance, with accessories kept to a minimum, except the pillows, blankets, and area rugs. Let’s clear something up before continuing forward, Modern interior design style and Contemporary aren’t the same, despite their similarities, there is a big sings that differentiates them. Modern was developed around early to mid 20th century, and contemporary is ever evolving, meaning it is waay older than the modern. What you can expect from the modern is a mix of Scandinavian and old-modern designs (or post-modern designs). And now let’s end it with the Traditional Style, one of the most straightforward things about this style is that it’s followers like expensive velvet, linen, and silk in every accessory. There are many popular designs in this style, such as the stripes, plaids, florals, damask, and many more. It’s dating  from 18th & 19th Century France and England.

Now that we have spoken about all the styles, you probably know which one is more attractive to you, so let’s summarize what would be a universal decoration perfect for all styles. This decoration is taking over the world right now and you can find it in combination with all interior design styles. It dates back from the 13th century (Yes, centuries older than the inspiration for the Traditional Interior Design Style) when back then it was decorating the palaces of Venice. And if the Venice hint didn’t gave it up, yes, we are talking about Murano Glass Decorations, and more specific Murano Glass Vases.

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about Murano glass, what it is, and where it is from. Well, as the name suggests, this type of glass is authentic to Murano, a little island next to Venice, Italy. And beyond being authentic to Murano, it’s even protected so it can ONLY be from Murano. This type of glass is so popular and traditional, that the province of Veneto where Murano is located, issued a Trademark of Originality for these glass arts. So if you are ever buying a Murano Glass vase, make sure to look for this Trademark of Originality so you know you are buying an original piece. There are few authentic online stores where you can find these vases, so you don’t have to go to Venice just for this, and one of the most reputable is

Murano glass vases can be from the most colorful to the most essential, from the simplest design to the most sophisticated one, from the most modern to the most traditional, that is why they fit with any style. You can literally find any type of color of Murano glass in any shape, and speaking about the colors, all of them are received by mixing minerals into the glass mix. Some of the vases even contain speckles of gold and silver, giving them an additional touch of fine luxury.

Besides the vases, there are many other types of Murano glass figures, such as sculptures, glassware, centerpieces, goblets, and each one of them is hand made by a skilled Murano artisan, so if you are thinking of buying it, just go for it, you won’t regret it.