Bathroom Trends that are All the Rage

Bathroom trends of 2016 can be described in one word – eclecticism. Various elements are mixed and matched to create a variety of different possibilities. Along with the latest hi-tech fixtures and ever-present greenery, these bathroom design ideas cater to all tastes.

Wood retreat


Timber was a popular choice in 2015 and it will continue to be in 2016. Consider using it not only for the floor, but for (accent) wall coverings, a tap, a vanity, accessories and seats. Timber duckboard, which used to be a main material for boat building, now is enjoying a revival in the form of duckboard flooring, including a shower floor. Katrina Chambers, an interior design blogger said for the Domain Group: “Make sure you bring in some earthy elements to balance the space out. Greenery, whites and a patterned tile work beautifully with tactile timber surfaces”.

Stone and concrete in unexpected places


Apart from marble, a classic and timeless option, natural stone and river rock is another bathroom trend. Not only is it increasingly used for flooring and walls, but expect to find it on sinks, bathtubs and bathroom furniture, as well. Lovers of industrial chic in bathrooms will be addicted to concrete on walls and flooring. Interior designers recommend combining concrete with other natural materials, such as wood in order to soften the cold look.

Brass as the accent du jour


With its warm and earthy feel and affordable price, brass is a perfect material, which can be incorporated into any design style. Brass is dethroning chrome, especially when it comes to bathroom taps. Go retro with brass lighting fixtures, a brass candle holder, a brass shower caddy, or a brass mirror frame. Or opt for industrial chic and the bathroom with concrete walls and a free-standing brass bathtub. If you are not sure what type of brass you want to go for in your bathroom, you can look at this post on brushed brass vs polished brass to see what would suit you best and bring out your aesthetic.
All those tiles


Moroccan-style patterned floor tiles along with the combination of all-neutral scheme and colourful accent hues will be big in 2016, interior designers predict. “Classic geometric tiles, including a herringbone, a basket weave and a windmill pattern add drama to any bathroom”, claim at Blue Lagoon Bathrooms. The size of tiles also changes. Bamboo-like tiles measuring around 60 cm and other oversized tiles are already trending in Europe and are coming to Australia this year.

The latest bathroom fixtures


Emerging technology in the service of the user-friendly design offers thermostatic mixers for the shower, which control multiple water sources as well as touchscreen-operated showers. Instead of dual shower heads installed on the same bar, which are the things of the past, an oversized rain shower with multiple separate handsets is in demand. For better shower experience, interior designers came up with shower seats and grab bars. Finally, water-efficient taps and shower heads have never been more popular in the wake of increased environmental protection, contributing to green energy efforts in your home.

Nature is coming to the bathroom not only in the form of natural materials, but in the form of plants and nature-inspired wallpapers. Combine wallpapers featuring the natural world, potted plants and hanging planters to create a jungle-like environment. For the space-saving option, choose wall-mounted pots. The outdoor garden and the bathroom separated by the glass doors is an effective way to bring nature inside and is a part of ever-popular trend of spa-like bathrooms. A vertical garden is ideal for the bathroom as it needs a lot of moisture and sunlight.

Grey and white
Grey and white are the two colours that transcend all the trends and 2016 is not an exception. They may seem ordinary, but their beauty lies in their neutral tones fitting in with any décor style you can imagine. For instance, create the Victorian bathroom with all white fixtures and vanities together with timber flooring, or choose the Scandinavian bathroom with dark grey walls, a white toilet seat, a white sink and glass shower panels. The grey and white combination work well with the Asian style, too. Think dark grey walls, timber and a black free-standing bathtub.


From industrial chic to Asian spa-like style, 2016 trend predictions are bringing everything you need to make the bathroom your favourite room in the entire house.