Cabinet Hardware – How to Select the Best Cabinet and Drawer Pulls?

From selecting lighting to the interior coloring options, there are many things that homeowners need to take care of. Among all these, it becomes really hard for them to remember that the design language should also calibrate with the interiors. Hardware is that design language you need to address before it becomes an afterthought.

If you are working on designing your kitchen space, cabinet and drawer pulls have a serious visual impact. It makes the room elevate its appeal relatively easily and effortlessly. After all, cabinet hardware is one of those things used in everyday undertakings. Therefore, before making an investment, you must ensure that what you buy is worth the investment. 

In a simple way, investing in heirloom-quality hardware products might come to your mind as the first idea. But, when building a brand new kitchen, that alone might not be enough. That is why reading this article will help you choose the best pulls and handles for your kitchen.

Start with the Quality and Functionality

One thing that should never be compromised while selecting cabinet hardware is the quality. A well-designed, good-quality handle is expected to be durable and stand the test of time. The reason why quality matters is because drawer and cabinet handles are touched and pulled regularly. Therefore, guaranteeing that the handles are functional and robust is more important before ensuring the handles look stylish.

When buying handles, check for previous customer reviews to understand whether they have a sturdy grip. The last thing you would want is to see the handle getting loose after a month’s use.

Check Product Materials and Finish

After getting done with the quality and functionality, it’s time to select the right material and the finish. Usually, cabinet hardware stores have a stack of different materials, from special steel and polished brass to something affordable and sleek like plastic.

Steel and chrome pulls and handles showcase a modern and sophisticated look. On the other hand, brass and bronze hardware adds a traditional and antiquated touch. Plastic can be an appropriate choice if you are looking for handles or pulls for inconspicuous areas. 

Regarding finishes, matte and glossy ones are the most common ones. Besides that, there are pewter, brass, or steel finishes too. The best way to select the right finish is to consider the other kitchen elements.

The Right Size brings Uniformity

Different sizes are available for different cabinet hardware products. It depends on the buyer whether you want a uniform look overall or want to mix and blend in different sizes. 

Say, if you fancy the uniform look, you probably should go with handles and pulls of similar length. The medium size is very common for kitchen cabinets as it goes well with almost every kitchen design. If you aren’t sure what goes the best with your kitchen, get in touch with a professional kitchen designer.

Wrapping Up

Your kitchen space should entirely be a reflection of your personal design preferences. Kitchen hardware like cabinet and drawer pulls should align with the aesthetics and ease of using them. All buyers need to do is find a reputed kitchen hardware store online, explore their products and select the appropriate ones.