Decorating Tips for Anyone on a Budget

It’s common to decorate your home for the holidays, but home decor isn’t just for special occasions. In fact, decor plays a significant role in how people feel when they are in a space. The colors you choose for your walls, for instance, can affect your mood. The textures and shapes used can also affect your impression of a space. It’s possible to elicit feelings of nostalgia by utilizing design styles from your childhood or places that were important to you. It’s also possible to promote a sense of peace or healing by decluttering spaces, using soothing colors, and adding soft decor.

Decorating your home can be an expensive undertaking. Use these tips to get the design you want without going over your budget.

Comparison Shopping


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Add Some Life


Plants are natural air purifiers. Additionally, studies show that having plants indoors combat stress, help you concentrate, and improve your mood. Adding flowers and plants to your rooms is also a cost-effective way of adding a splash of color. Bulbs n Blooms offers a variety of flowers and plant species at great prices. They use UPS to ship your flowers right to your home and shipping is free on orders over $99. If you’re looking for an easy way to add life to your home, shopping online for flowers is one of the simplest solutions.

Focus on Color

Repainting walls is one of the most cost-effective ways to change the look of a room. It’s even possible to conceal wear and tear with a fresh coat of paint. Paint your walls neutral colors and add trim in a lighter shade to make rooms look bigger. Consider the purpose of each space. You may want to use soothing blue shades in your bedroom and opt to inject warmth in your kitchen with yellow or orange. Repainting old cabinets and vanities can also brighten up your kitchen and bathroom.

Repurpose Used Decor


It’s possible to buy used furniture, wall art, and decorative items at antique stores, secondhand stores, yard sales, and auctions. Secondhand items can be refinished and repurposed to have new use in your home. For example, an old steamer trunk can be repainted and used as a coffee table or linen storage.

Repurpose Your Belongings


Wall art and other decor items may be lurking in your own home. It’s possible to use things such as quilts and baskets to create wall art. You can also repurpose furniture. For example, you may be able to use a dresser to store linens in your bathroom.

Add Moldings


Moldings give your room a sense of completion. They are an elegant design feature that can enhance the look of any room in your home. Add moldings or medallions to ceilings to create a nice design feature. Another way to enhance a room’s decor is to add baseboard moldings and chair rails to your walls.

Feature Walls


One way to spruce up a room is to create a feature design wall. Design walls can feature shiplap, wallpaper, tile, or stone. You can also opt to paint a feature wall a different color. Feature walls capture the attention of people who enter that room immediately. These walls are designed to draw focus and interest.

Enhance Existing Features


Find ways to use existing features, particularly if you own an older home. Add books or trinkets to shelves above doors or built-in cabinets. Repaint built-ins to match the room’s trim or refinish built-ins to create a design feature.



Spruce up an old couch with a new couch cover. Couch and chair covers are an effective way to conceal stains and change your room’s color scheme. Couch covers come in various materials, including twill, suede, and cotton, and can add texture to your room.



Window coverings are one of the simplest ways to add color to a room while maintaining function. Use drapes to block out noise if you live in a busy neighborhood. They can also be used to let in light or block it. It’s possible to buy elegant window coverings at affordable prices. Compliment your drapes with matching cushions to complete your room’s decor.

Replace Fixtures


It’s possible to change the look of cabinetry and sinks by replacing the fixtures. Old fixtures can look grungy. New fixtures can enhance existing design features. Replacing old or damaged door handles, taps, and light fixtures is an affordable way to modernize any room.