Do you want to change the interior design of your home but don’t want to hire an interior designer?

There are ways that you can change the look of your home inside without spending a lot. Putting out nice, attractive accessories, such as a stylish ice cream holder in the kitchen, is one way. Here are some others: 

Turn Your Bed Into a Sanctuary

The way to make your bed more luxurious and like a hotel is to use white linens that are crisp and plump pillows and bedding. Fresh, white bedding is easy to find at home stores. Then you just need to add two or three accent pillows with the same look in front. You can change those with the seasons and interior designer in Bangalore can help you to give a fresh look to your home. 

Scent Is Important

Spend a bit on a nice, scented candle. This is not where you spend less. Scent is very important and only good candles will give you a scent that lasts for hours. Done right, a scented candle can make a space be inviting and warm. 

Mirrors Matter

You can brighten and lighten a room with mirrors on the walls if you put up opposite of light sources. Many designers love mirrors because they double the visual square footage of any room. Putting up a series of mirrors opposite a window reflects the light and the view. 

Add Lighting

Having dimmers on all your lights is important so you can change the mood. Also, table lamps and chandeliers provide style in your space. Buy big lamps as opposed to small as they make a bigger impact. 

Go Big With Artwork

If you want to add artwork to a room, it is better to go big than small. Large canvasses make a statement in a room and can make the space look bigger. If you paint a wall for accent, it can be a good backdrop for artwork. 

Drapes Can Make Ceiling Look Higher

When you add drapes, go for drapes as long and as high as you can. Simple white sheers look great but make sure they go from the ceiling to floor. 

Try Something Unusual

Find a unique table or chair and put it in a corner. For instance, an older wood chair with a fur draped over it will give your style a sense of authenticity. 

If you try the ideas above, you can give your home its own style and you do not have to break the bank.