10 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds

Weeds are the unwanted plants that affect the growth of plants and block the proper nutrients to the plants. Thus, removing weeds is necessary. To remove the weeds from crop there are a lot of methods such as biological methods which are the use of bio-herbicides, bio-fertilizers, use of manures, and machinery and cultural methods.   

The best weed killer in Australia is a series of bio-herbicides that are very safe and eco-friendly. From lemon and vodka to salt and baking soda, this article shows the various homemade weed killing remedies that can be very helpful in your garden.

1. Lemons: 

Use lemons as your weapons, wipe them, and use against the stubborn greens. Because the juice of the lemon is acidic in nature, it will be helpful in the killing of weeds. You can spray it on weed. 

2. Vodka: 

Use vodka to protect your garden, dry them out by pouring 1 ounce mixed with 2 cups of water and a few drops of dish soap. This will not affect the weeds that love the shade, make sure the sunlight falls on it. 

3. Mulch:

It’s an equipment that will help you to remove out the weed. Using mulch is a must.  It will not only keeps your plants away from weeds but also improves the fertility and moisture of the soil. It helps keep your soil wet, cool, and removes the light weed from establishing. 

4. Boiling Water:

Pour boiling water on growing weeds, make sure water does not fall on greenery because boiling water will destroy them too. If you add a tablespoon of salt to make it salty, it will be more effective.

5. Baking soda:

Baking soda is another weed killing item, use it to kill the weeds that grow into the cracks. Take care of healthy grass. 

6. Salt:

A salt solution is one of the cost-effective ways of killing weeds. Make a 3:1 solution of water and salt respectively.  Instead of pouring the solution, use a spray bottle or atomizer to kill those unwanted plants. Avoid the greenery and protect them.

7. Cornmeal Gluten:

Cornmeal Gluten acts as an organic herbicide. Protect the small dandelions, crabgrass from spreading cornmeal on the ground over the soil. Cornmeal is free of toxic chemicals. Cornmeal will prevent plants from growing and germinating, so don’t try it in your vegetable garden.

8. Vinegar:

The household substance and an environmentally safe weed killer. since it contains 5% of acetic acid, it will be more harmful to the immature roots and small plants. So make sure that it is only sprayed on desirables in higher concentration. 

9. Manually by hand: 

The most old fashioned and common way of removing weed is pulling all them by hand. Gardening tools such as claw and trowel will help you in removing roots. Don’t forget to wear gloves because it will prevent the seeds from transferring.

10. Weed torch:

 weed torch works when the water is heated within the cells of plants. The water is converted into steam and then it explodes the cell, and ultimately the plant will die. This is a highly effective method.