Do’s & Don’ts While Redesigning Your Home

Many factors influence your desire to redesign your home- your personal taste in colours and designs, the need of the family members, your budget, type of property (rented or owned). Based on these factors, the decisions can be made more clearly. But there are some do’s and don’ts that are universally applicable while redesigning your home.

Consider these:



Say no to white when you have kids

or pets

White rugs, upholstery or any other white décor should be kept off charts if you have kids or pets at home

Travel to get inspired

Travelling is the best way to get inspiration. Even a walk around the city will give you ideas about colour contrasts, placements, mix-and-match décor, and trends.

Compromise Seating

With the intention of keeping your room spacious and sparse, do not compromise on seating. There must be appropriate seating, based on the type and size of the room.

Dramatic Colour in Small Space

Deep, moody and dramatic hues can create beautifully sophisticated and luxurious rooms. You may want to avoid them for the busy rooms of your house, but they go absolutely stunning in smaller areas like a pantry. Small kitchens with the dramatic colour scheme is in trend too.


Hold yourself to splurge on great décor pieces

Instead of saving money for buying a large number of “OK” decorative pieces, invest in a single great-quality piece; this single piece would uplift the ambience of your place. It may seem heavy on your pockets in the beginning but will be worth in the long run.

Make big patch test for colours

Whenever you do colour patch test for your walls, make significantly big patches, that can be seen (and judged) from larger distance from the wall. This helps in better choice and eliminate any chances of disappointment after the wall is fully painted.

Ignore architectural details

Never turn a blind eye to the existing structure of your house. You may have been inspired by a modern house and their décor, but you must be flexible to change the design for your house from yesteryears. The whole room must hang together.

Follow your instincts

Instincts can play a major role in redesigning your home to perfection. If your instinct does not agree over a selection of leather sofa, just because it is in trend and every house has it, then do not buy it for your own house.

Make a room too rigid

Designing your room with all functional and simple items is not recommended. It should have a balanced décor with functional and funky furniture and decorative items. This adds excitement and fun

Address the needs of disabled if any

With all the excitement of redesigning your home, do give some thoughts into making the house accessible for disabled family members and friends. Put rubber floors in the rooms for better wheelchair mobility, install walk-in baths or showers (click here to know how to choose between the two), put motion sensitive lights for their independent moving in the house.

Push out of limit

It feels great when you do not have money constraint while redesigning. But just because you have enough to spend, doesn’t mean you should do it. The success is in achieving the highest with the use of minimal resources. It will inculcate the good habit of saving money for those uncertain future needs.

Install higher Doors and entrances

Higher the door opening between the rooms more is the sense of openness, lightness, and grandeur. They are more welcoming, and their grand look can be intimidating to your guests.

This table intends to bring certain significant do’s and don’ts into notice. Your redesigning experience may have more points. Help us to extend this list.

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