Dubai Real Estate Market Trends: 2022 Results & 2023 Forecasts

Dubai Real Estate Market

If you’re looking for information on buying, selling, or renting a home in one of the most vibrant and quickly growing cities in the world. Next, this piece will examine the dynamics in Dubai’s real estate market that have been fueling recent transformation, along with results for 2022 and estimates for 2023 by some of the expert real estate agents in Dubai. Because this industry can move quickly, as we all know, get ready for a succinct yet thorough look at everything you need to know about Dubai real estate. Let’s dive into what’s coming, whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer.

Results of the Real Estate Market in 2022

In the upcoming years, the Dubai real estate market is anticipated to expand. Property transactions exceeded AED 500 billion in 2022, with off-plan properties seeing a 92.5% increase and secondary sales showing a 32.4% increase. Additionally, the market performed well, as evidenced by its record-high real estate transactions. According to a CBRE survey, there were 90,881 real estate transactions reported in the emirate, breaking the previous record high of 81,182 transactions set in 2009. The seafront of Palm Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai’s hub was the most sought-after region for residential real estate for sale in Dubai during the year for investors looking for properties for sale in Dubai.

Real Estate Costs in 2022

Prices have been continuously rising in Dubai’s real estate market over the past few years. The cost of apartments climbed by 9%, while the cost of villas increased by 12.8% during the same period, resulting in a 9.5% overall increase in real estate prices.  In the month of December, the average cost for an apartment was AED 1,168 per square foot, while the average cost for a villa was AED 1,385 per square foot. With the help of mortgage services in Dubai owning a property has become an easier prospect.


As we all know, one of the major factors influencing pricing is the flow of investors into and out of a market. Making wise investment selections necessitates having a solid understanding of the patterns of inflows and outflows, which can be intricate and ever-changing. Dubai has experienced massive inflows of investment in recent years from all around the world. Strong economic growth, a stable political climate, and a wealth of business options have all drawn investors to the city. Dubai’s real estate market, in particular, has been a significant recipient of investments from abroad.

A total of 115,183 new property investments worth over AED 264.15B had been recorded as of last year by over 80,216 investors, a 53% rise from the previous year.  Russians were the largest resident buyers, accounting for 15% of all transactions, closely followed by British and Indian buyers at 12% and 11%, respectively. Despite a severe global economic crisis, the emirate experienced a significant increase in private wealth. According to reports, in the first half of 2022, more than 16% of Russian business owners and organisations relocated to the UAE, particularly Dubai. In addition, Dubai’s real estate investors profited from Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup. Due to its status as a “finance hub” and its prominence as a tourist destination in the region, Dubai has benefited the most outside of Qatar.

2023 Real Estate Market Predictions

  • In 2023, it is expected that Dubai’s real estate market would continue to dominate the world’s pricing charts.
  • This year, high-end property prices will increase by 6% to 7.9%, which is the largest increase ever recorded.
  • Over the following few years, prices are anticipated to increase steadily, reaching new highs by 2025.
  • Dubai’s rate of growth will be faster than that of Miami and Milan, where increases of 4 and 6,9%, respectively, are predicted.
  • Since more people are moving to Dubai for work or leisure over the next few years, the rental market is also expected to expand significantly.

In Dubai, there is a rising demand for both commercial and residential buildings, and this trend is anticipated to last. Numerous variables, including population growth, economic stability, and infrastructure development, are taken into account in this forecast. Investors are feeling confident about the Dubai real estate market right now, and as long as they are willing to make long-term commitments, the market will undoubtedly continue to rise.

It’s critical to keep up with the most recent real estate market trends in a city with significant population growth like Dubai. Knowing what’s going on in the market is crucial to making the best choices for your future, whether you’re trying to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

The time to get in touch with us if you’re thinking about buying or selling property in Dubai is right now. You can navigate the market with the aid of knowledgeable real estate professionals, ensuring that you enjoy the genuine benefits of high returns on investment, outstanding living conditions, and breath taking views that come with residing in Dubai.

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