Four Types of Decorative Concrete to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Areas


Think about the outdoor spaces around your home. You might have walkways and paths, a patio, a pool, etc. You don’t want them to be bland and boring, of course, and that means that plain concrete simply won’t work. Fortunately, you can find some great options for decorative concrete, such as exposed aggregate that can help to liven up any outdoor space you might have.

Exposed Aggregate

Need a bit of texture to your space? You will find that exposed aggregate is a great choice. Not only is it beautiful, but it provides some surface texture to reduce the chance of slipping. Many people opt to use this around their pools and spa areas in the home for this reason. However, it would work well just about anywhere.

Honed Aggregate

This type of concrete provides you with a look like exposed aggregate. However, it has a smoother surface. You may find that you don’t want quite as much texture, and this can prove to be a perfect choice to add to your space.

Liquid Limestone

Another nice option, liquid limestone can provide your space with an expensive look without the cost of other building materials. It looks great, it is easy to maintain, and it can last longer than traditional concrete. 

Coloured Concrete

If you want a fast way of adding more visual appeal, consider adding some colour to your concrete. You can find a wide range of tints available whether you are looking for something subtle or a choice that’s a bit more daring.

Where Can You Use Decorative Concrete?

Take a moment to think about all the areas where you might be able to use decorative concrete outside. From the area around your fire pit, the pool and hot tub, your walkways, or the patio area where you grill and entertain, decorative concrete can help to beautify your home.

When you are adding any sort of concrete to your space, you should get help from professionals such as Seamless Concrete for coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, and more. You do not want to create any messes that will need to be cleaned up later and redone.