Furnishing Your New Home: 10 Tips for Ordering Furniture Online

The internet makes it much easier to browse for new furniture and do some research so that you end up with just the right item at a perfect price.

When you are looking to buy a chair online there are a few simple tips and strategies that you might want to follow in order to fill your home with some beautiful furniture that you can enjoy for years to come.

Here is a look at how to approach the task of ordering furniture online.

Take your time exploring a website

Once you find an online furniture retailer who is selling an item that you are really interested in it would be a good idea to take your time doing a bit of additional research about the company before you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

The sign of a good online retailer is one who is happy to provide plenty of background information on who they are and why you should choose them.

It is also worthwhile exploring customer reviews on their site and searching out any feedback you can find on social media channels such as Facebook.

Make sure you check out their returns policy

If you are buying something substantial like a piece of furniture without actually seeing it in the flesh you will want to know that you have the option to send it back if it is not what you expected for some reason.

Clarify how long you have got to return the item and how much it might cost you to do so.9

It is worth pointing out that some online stores might want to charge you a re-stocking fee in addition to packing and shipping costs. This can make the purchase more expensive than you anticipated so be sure to check out exactly what it is going to cost you to have the furniture delivered and what you will be charged if you decide to send it back.

Find a store that is in tune with your line of thinking

Shoppers are much savvier these days and if you know what you want from a site it makes sense to seek out a store that aligns with your aspirations and values.

For example, you might be committed to buying a product that promises to be as eco-friendly as possible or you have certain tastes that mean you know exactly what sort of design concept you want to align with.

Whatever it is that is important to you it is often possible to find an online site that matches your needs.

Be mindful about security

Although the majority of websites are perfectly legitimate and safe to use you should always be vigilant when it comes to protecting your personal data and your money.

It is normally easy to spot a website that is genuine as they are transparent about online security and the URL should change to https to indicate that it is secure.

Don’t enter your personal details or card information until you are satisfied that the website is legitimate.

Browse pictures and dimensions

It makes sense for an online retailer to try and make the buying experience as pleasurable as possible and if this means that they will often endeavor to provide a good level of detail about each item of furniture.

Click on all the images on display to see if it provides you with a view of the item from different angles and be sure to check the dimensions so that you are satisfied that it will fit in your home where you intend to put it.

Make a note of the measurements provided on the site and take your tape measure to the room in order to physically verify that it will fit perfectly in the space available. 

This simple task should save you from having to return an item because it is not suitable and you didn’t check the dimensions.

Always compare prices

One of the great advantages attached to shopping online is the fact that it is much easier to compare prices than if you were visiting a shopping mall and had to visit every suitable shop to get that information.

It is often the case that you can find the same item of furniture being sold on a number of different sites and that means you should be able to pay the lowest price.

Be sure to check that the price is better, as some shipping costs might be higher than others and that could cancel out any price advantage if you give up those savings in having the item sent to you.

Keep an eye out for special offers

Online shopping sites are no different when it comes to competing for your business and that means they might try to tempt you with special offers and introductory discounts.

If you find a site that you like it can be worth signing up for their newsletter or regular promotions to be sent to you by email.

When you get a message to say that there is an extra discount deal available that could be the moment to get the piece of furniture you want at the best price.

If you are unsure about ordering furniture online

Buying a big-ticket item online can raise doubts if you are concerned that it might not be right when you get it.

If you worry about that scenario you might want to look out for online stores that also have a brick and mortar outlet that you can visit in order to see your potential purchase before you commit to buy.

Pay attention to color descriptions

The quality of images on a website should be clear and accurate but it can sometimes work out that dark furniture, for instance, can look lighter when you are viewing online.

See if there are any reviews from buyers that give you valuable insights relating to the true color you can expect when it arrives.

Delivery options

Furniture deliveries can be more challenging than dropping a parcel off and what you need to know is whether you are paying to have the item delivered to your front door or brought inside.

If in doubt, ask the question rather than assume.

Once you have answered all of these questions and are happy with your choice of furniture you can look forward to enjoying the moment when your new item arrives and seeing how it enhances the look and feel of your home.