Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Did you know roof plumbers can clean your gutters? They’re trained in roof work, so they can do a it is their job to do it safely and efficiently. And while they’re up there, they can fix any leaks, assess your roofing quality, and suggest the right Colourbond® or Zincalume®product for you.

Clean gutters are a good way of protecting your family, because they improve the quality of collected rainwater. They can also extend the life of your roof, because heavy leaves and twigs can block your downpipe, causing it overflow and flood. The weight can also collapse your roof.

When you hire professional roofers to do your gutter work, they come fully insured, so there’s less risk involved. But whether you’re removing roof debris yourself or outsourcing it someone else, the safety considerations are the same. So let’s look at some life-saving roof safety tips.

Let Someone Know

You’ll obviously need a ladder. And while one of the oldest comedy tropes is ladder theft, it really can happen in real life. Someone may walk past and think the ladder is an accident hazard, just leaning there like that. They can’t see you up there, so they’ll helpfully move it to a safer place. That leaves you stuck on the roof with no way to get down.

Talk to the people around you, letting them know what you’re up to. If possible, someone should stand by the ladder and ‘spot you’, just like trainers and gym buddies. That way, they can ensure you’re okay up there.

Don’t use just any ladder, Itshould be sturdy and extendable. You don’t want something flimsy that will collapse under you. Or worse, a ladder with loose, slippery rungs – you could end up in hospital. Roofing contractor Sydney regularly check their ladders, and you should too.

Scoop and Spray

To protect the surface of your gutters and avoid denting or scraping them, use a plastic scoop to remove the bigger bits of dirt. Then you can use a high-pressure hose to rinse away the residue. If you do abrade the surface, call in some extra help, because your gutters are now likely to rust.

Colourbond and Zincalume gutters are less susceptible, because they have multiple layers baked on. Consider replacing your roof materials with one of these. They have manufacturer’s warranties of up to 30 years, and some roofers offer a labour guarantee as well.

It’s also helpful to invest in rubber. Gloves and rubber shoes have better grip, so you’re less likely to slip and fall. They’re also easier to clean – some of that gutter dirt smells vile, and it’ll take you ages to wash off that nasty particulate scent. Eye goggles are helpful too.

Apart from insects and stray rays of sunlight, your gutter may contain micro-organisms, pathogens, and other toxins. You might think that scratchy particle or random splash of liquid is harmless, but it could introduce an infection to your eyes and body, so be careful!