Growing Fresh Herbs Just Got Easy: Our Experts Share the Best Indoor Gardens


✔️ Capacity: When choosing an indoor herb garden, consider how many herbs you want to grow and whether you’d like to experiment with other greens (like lettuce). Indoor herb gardens can grow as few as three plants to over 30. Keep in mind that the more herbs you want to grow, the bigger the device and the more space it takes up.

✔️ Dimensions: Indoor herb gardens come in a variety of sizes from a three-pot windowsill size to large growing systems that are over 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Make sure to check the dimensions of the herb grower to ensure it will fit in your space.

✔️ Variety of herbs/vegetables: Many indoor herb gardens can grow other produce such as lettuce or fruit, so if you want to grow more than just herbs, you may want to opt for a larger device. Also, be sure to check the type of pods available for each garden since some garden kits are only compatible with their own pods.

✔️ Self-watering: Some indoor herb gardens have timers to automatically water according to a schedule, while others require manual watering. If you’re the type to forget to water your plants, you’ll want to invest in an automatic machine.

✔️ Lighting: Window herb planters are a simple, affordable option, but maybe don’t include a grow light — which means, you’ll need to consider sunlight conditions in your home. Some herb gardens feature lighting that can manually switch on and off, while others have self-timers that operate according to schedule.

✔️ Buying seeds and pods: Some indoor herb gardens require the use of the brand’s seeds or pods and for others, you can buy your own seeds. If the brand requires its own seeds or pods, be sure they have the herbs you want.


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