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Home Improvement Projects You Should Consider

Home is where the heart is — it’s also where your mind can be found wandering, imagining the bigger and better things you could have in and around your space. Our homes are works in progress, ever-changing as we move furniture, freshen up decor, and transform the space itself.

That last idea is a powerful one, and it’s within reach when you have the skills or when you find the right contractors for remodeling, home additions, and home improvement projects. If you’re in search of the right way to get more out of your home, consider these three transformative projects.

Add a deck or a patio

Outdoor space is a valuable thing, but it doesn’t do you much good if you’re not using it. Sometimes, the best way to get outside is to build a bridge between your indoor space and your yard. A deck or a patio makes your space more inviting, both to you and to your guests. You’ll be more prepared for your next barbeque, and you’ll also have a space for quiet morning coffees and outdoor reading in summer afternoons.

Decks and patios can be put up fast by reliable contractors, say the experts at Phoenix Home Services who are general contractors in Northern VA. You can go even further with your outdoor space, of course. You could decide to add a pool, for instance, or you could invest in an outdoor kitchen or wet bar. The more you put into your outdoor space, the more you’ll be encouraging yourself and your guests to spend quality time outdoors. Plus, experts say, you could be significantly adding to the value of your home. Outdoor spaces are attractive to buyers and are worth real money on the real estate market.

Remodel your kitchen

Remodeling any area of your home gives your space a fresh feeling. But there are few areas in a home where the transformation will be as complete and as satisfying as in a kitchen. That’s because your kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that has a job. It’s a working room, a place where flow and functionality are about more than conversation and relaxation. A poorly designed or outdated kitchen is no fun to cook in, and it can be seriously frustrating and limiting. This is about more than just aesthetics!

Kitchen styles change, new appliances are produced, and the ways we work and enjoy our culinary spaces evolve over time. Keep up with the times by updating your kitchen, and you’ll see lifestyle and home-value rewards that can dwarf those of other remodeling projects. After all, home buyers know the value of a good kitchen just as well as you do. If you ever put your house on the market, you’ll certainly want it to have an up-to-date kitchen.

Update your flooring

Paint, wallpaper, wall hangings, furniture, and window dressing can all make a room feel fresh. But if you really want to feel like you’re stepping into a whole new room, look down. Our floors are all around us, and they affect the feel and appearance of rooms in ways that we may not even consciously appreciate.

Updating the flooring in your home requires a level subfloor. Putting in new flooring on top of an uneven subfloor can further the sloping problem and cause furniture to rest unevenly on the floor. If you suspect that your floors are sloped or uneven, the issue needs to be resolved before installing new floors. The cause of an uneven floor could also be a foundation issue.

Changing between carpet and hardwood can cool or warm a room. It can make a room feel cozier or more expansive, more intimate or more timeless. And updating aged floors can preserve and improve the feeling your room already gives you, while also improving the value of your home, of course!