Homeowners of Frederick – Your Guide to Choosing a Professional Roofing Contractor Frederick MD

Roof replacement is a big decision that needs a careful selection of roofing contractor who does not only know the job but can do the installation well.  Even the best roof material might not work well if the installation is faulty, and herein lies the importance of choosing a professional Frederick roofing company who can do complete justice to the job. Roof replacement is one in a lifetime project for most homeowners, which points to the importance of working with the right roofing contractor.

Here are some points to check for choosing the right roofing contractor.

Length of business or experience

The track record of the roofing contractor and how long the company has been in business points to their reliability. Check the credentials and know-how much conversant they are with the type of roof that you want to install by referring to the records. If the company has been operational for many years, it means that they have earned the confidence of the clients that helped them survive.

Licensing and insurance

The company must have insurance cover for its employees as well as the sub-contractors they engage in, and you must check if they have a valid insurance policy. Also, they must have a proper license for doing roofing work. Not having insurance could lead to litigation between homeowners and contractors in case of an accident at the site, and engaging an unlicensed contractor is illegal.

Refer to past work

What kind of work the company has undertaken in the past bears testimony to the quality of work they deliver.  Besides gathering information from online reviews on third-party review sites, ask the company to provide a list of customers from whom you can know about the kind of work the company has done and how satisfied the customers are.

Check for manufacturer designations

Many contractors obtain manufacturer designations, which are like a badge of honor that displays their reliability and high-quality work endorsed by manufacturers. Contractors can become authorized installers only after meeting strict requirements, and you must try to work with contractors who earn the trust of manufacturers in delivering quality service.  

Safety level

The contractor must ensure a safe working environment and follow safe processes for roof installation. You must check if the contractor has a stable safety program in place and adheres to it. Following safe procedures mean that the contractor has trained persons for doing the job by following some SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that ensures quality work.

Extent of sub-contracting

Ask the contractor whether their workmen do the installation, or they engage sub-contractors to do the job. If they rely on sub-contractors, then you must do some due diligence for them too, know about their capabilities or ask the contractor what kind of control they exert on the third parties to maintain a good quality of work. 

Check for warranties

Look for manufacturer warranties that include the workmanship of contractors as it happens with contractors who have manufacturer designations. Since roof damages show up much later, warranties will protect you financially and hold the contractor liable to repair the defects.