How Having a List Can Help Your Move

The moving process is stressful — there’s no doubt about it.

“When should I start packing?”

“Should I hire a moving company? When should I book them?”

There are a million and one questions to ask yourself when preparing for a move, but moving can be a breeze with the appropriate planning in place.

Utilizing a moving checklist is a great way to alleviate the stress and make sure you don’t forget anything. Let’s take a look at how a checklist can help you get more organized during your move.

Why Should You Make a Moving Checklist

Stated by Plano moving company, creating a moving checklist will help everyone from your family to your movers get on the same page. It makes your life easier because when you write (or type) out a plan, you can see your task list and think about anything you may have overlooked.

A moving checklist serves as your guide to a successful move.

Keep Organized

Keeping organized is the first step in creating a less stressful moving process.

During the packing and moving processes, it can be easy to forget what you have already done and what you still have to do. The feelings of confusion and of being overwhelmed are bound to come up if you don’t have a checklist to help keep you on track during the process.

No Item Left Behind

It’s possible to get caught up in the chaos during the moving process and accidentally leave behind or throw out items you intended to keep.

With a moving checklist, you can create an inventory list of the items from each room. When you’re looking over this list, choose whether to keep, donate, or throw away each item. Doing it this way is more manageable than sorting things while you’re in the middle of packing.

Plus, by sorting out items so early in the process, you can start planning out your new decor and shopping for new items! By the time you get to move-in day, you’ll have an idea of what items and decor will be in each room of your new house. 

Improved Efficiency and Timing

Mishaps during a move can cause massive headaches and drag out the process. If one thing goes wrong, you could be looking at weeks of delays and rescheduling issues.

By mapping out your move, you will reduce the possibility of issues or errors happening during the process. Having a well-thought-out roadmap will not only save you the risk of extending the moving process, but it will also cut down the time your move will take — it’s better to have a solid game plan than freestyle it the day of.

What Your Moving Checklist Should Include

Timetable: This should include the timeframe you need to meet to guarantee a smooth move. Generally, planning for a move and shopping for a new home should take place three to six months before you’d like to move out, and packing should start three weeks before move-out. 

Moving Walkthrough: This should include steps that need to be taken before your movers give you a quote. They’ll be looking for the size and number of boxes you have, how many rooms you have, and any specialty items that require special care (like pianos or pool tables). Make sure to research movers, get moving insurance, make arrangements for children and pets, and take measurements for your walkthrough.

Action Items: Make a list of items you will need to change over at your new home, like updating the postal service with your change of address and switching over your utilities.

You will also want to schedule any childcare arrangements for moving day if needed.

Don’t forget to cancel any local memberships or RSVPs for future events that you will no longer be able to attend.

Gather any essential documents — like birth certificates and passports— and put them in a safe place for you to handle during the move.

Moving Day: This should include a personal walkthrough; make sure your movers are careful and efficient, that all boxes are safely on the moving truck, and that nothing is left behind. This is the most critical list — it should be your last look before officially moving on.

Move Without Stress

A moving checklist will save you time, make sure nothing gets left behind, improve efficiency, and alleviate the stress of a move.

Ultimately, a checklist will increase your peace of mind during the moving process. It’s important to enter your new life with positivity and a sense of refreshment. Don’t overcomplicate your move by failing to prepare properly.

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