How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take from Start to Finish?

Solar energy has grown 35 times since 2008 and is now large enough to power 12 million American homes. Costs have also dropped 50%, making now the perfect time to get in on the trend.

Adding solar panels to your home is a worthwhile investment that gives you cleaner, more affordable energy. The problem is that many homeowners misunderstand the installation process and think it can be completed in a few days.

Placing a solar panel and the components that power it doesn’t take a long time, but there are other steps to consider as well. There are ordinances to follow, permits to meet, and other steps that you must meet. They may add to the time before you can enjoy your new system.

Read our guide to the solar panel installation process to see how it works, how long it takes, and how much it costs.

Solar Panel Installation

Getting the material and installing it only takes a few days, but there are several bureaucratic aspects of the process that can take much more time.

Before Installation

Choosing the right solar energy company can take a day or a few weeks. It depends on how fortunate and confident you are with your first pick.

Before installation begins, a professional should perform a site survey and/or roofing assessment to determine where to place the solar panels. This should occur no later than 1-2 weeks after you first ask for service.

The design process involves the professionals making a plan for exactly where to place each solar panel. They should have a technical-commercial proposal ready for you anywhere from 2 days to a week.

If the design meets all local regulations, there is no need to worry about filling out paperwork. If not, you may have to undergo a permitting procedure that could take a week or months.

During Installation

The actual installation of the solar panels and their related components only takes a few days. It varies based on the size and complexity of your roof and the weight of the panels, ranging from a single day to about a week.

After Installation

After the panels are placed, they must be connected to the nearest power grid and inspected by the local authorities. This can take anywhere from a week to a month.

The solar panel installation process can take up to 90 days when you factor in other bureaucratic aspects. It differs for each case but can take months to get right.

Solar Panel Installation Cost

The average solar panel installation costs range from $3-$5 per watt or $15-$25,000. Several factors affect this number, including labor costs and the size, components, and configuration of the system.

Tax benefits are available for homes that use solar energy. They can take advantage of a one-time Residential Renewable Energy tax credit that gives them back 30% of the total system cost.

Getting solar panels for your home is an extensive but worthwhile process. Check here to begin solar panel installation.

Where Can I Learn More?

There is more to solar panel installation than placing the panels and their related components. Professionals must also perform a site survey, create a design, meet permit requirements, connect to a power grid, and be approved by local authorities.

Solar energy is a worthwhile investment that reduces your impact on the environment, allows you to take advantage of tax breaks, and gives you clean energy for years.

The more you understand about the power of solar, the easier it will be to see why you need it. Read the rest of our content for more information.

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