A Guide to Choose the Right Type of Pole Barns in Utah

Utah is located in the western United States and is inhabited by different indigenous people for more than a thousand years. The livelihood and means of the economy in the state started with dairy farming. The farmers discovered farm journals and other resources that sold the ideas of new styles of barns that initiated Utah’s connectivity with barns. A pole barn is the most popular among them. 

If you have decided to install a pole barn, it is important to know that pole barns may require a low investment in the initial stages, but it would cost more in the maintenance. In Utah pole barns are constructed with asphalt shingles and wood. With the new advancements in barn construction techniques and innovative materials, the construction has become a tad easier. 

Choosing a perfect pole barn is an art in itself. This article will discuss the various factors to be considered while deciding on choosing a pole barn.

Requirements and Needs

Barns are used for various purposes, and the first question to ask is, why do you need the barn? Ranging from the storage of crops and livestock, the barns have also evolved to meet the needs of modernized purposes. Barns can also be set up for dual purposes, acting as both a storage unit and a parking facility. 

The egress points, the dimension required mainly the height of the pole barns, are essential factors to be considered. The material should be chosen wisely to complement the weather conditions and comply with American Wood Council standards.  

Building Codes and Permits

To construct pole barns in Utah, Duchesne County has to grant permission. There are restrictions relating to the barn’s height, the materials used in certain areas, so before choosing the specifications, read the specific area’s guidelines. 

Specialized requirements like adding gravel, including hurricane flaps, etc., are mandatory in certain areas. Adhering to the permits and building codes is important. Else it would be a violation.

Check the Professionals

In Utah, pole barns have become common in regions like Orem, West Valley City, and Logan. But, experience and professionalism are required while constructing them.

Professional installers will walk you through all construction aspects like choosing a design, color, planning, and ventilation. While selecting a professional installer, whether that’s a steel building contractor or a contractor that specialises in other materials, make sure to check whether the builder has a valid license, insurance, and permit.

Go for the Right Materials

Pole barns are well known around the world, the main reason being the quality of the structure. The material used to construct the barn decides the life of the structure. While choosing the material of the barn, check the climatic conditions and its effect on the material.

Utah faces regular hurricanes and snowfalls, and the average temperature during this time oscillates between 10° F to 30° F.  The wind loads and snow loads have to be considered at the time of construction.

When it comes to constructing a pole barn, the factors given above are only a start. Research, analyze, get help before getting into the construction of the pole barn.