How to Get Your Windows Squeaky Clean & Streak-Free

Cleaning windows is not just a matter of maintaining their cleanliness. You also have to make sure that they are free of streaks. While this may seem like a relatively easy cleaning job, it is quite an art form. Achieving streak-free windows takes some practice and patience, but it is definitely worth the effort. In this blog post, we will guide you through the cleaning steps you have to take as well as some additional tips and tricks for getting streak-free windows.

Equipment and materials

The right tools are essential for getting streak-free, gleaming windows. That’s why we strongly recommend using the following:

  • Squeegee;
  • Dry lint free cloth / drying pad;
  • Newspaper;
  • Drying pad or a lint-free cloth;
  • Microfibre cloth;
  • Broom;
  • Bucket;
  • Sponge;
  • Window cleaning solution / homemade mixture.

Streak-free window cleaning steps

  1. To start cleaning your windows properly, use a dust-pan brush, dusting wand, broom, or a similar tool and remove built-up dirt, cobwebs, and grime. Start at the top of each window and work your way down. Be sure to brush down the window sills and use a dust pan or vacuum to pick up anything that fell on them or the floor nearby.
  2. If you prefer using a store bought window cleaner – make sure to spray the window thoroughly and wipe afterwards in a circular motion with a newspaper or preferably a microfibre cloth.

Another easy way of effectively cleaning your windows without streaks is mixing a little dishwashing detergent in warm water. On the other hand, If the weather is hot, we strongly advise you to use cold water, as it won’t evaporate that quickly. Just dip your squeegee’s sponge (or a microfibre cloth) in the water and apply the cleaner in an “S” motion. You can add some methylated spirits to the mixture for tougher stuck-on stains.

Vinegar is another great option for cleaning your windows. Simply mix white vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio, then follow the steps above. You’ll be amazed at how bright and sparkly your windows will look!

  1. To squeegee your windows dry, hold it at a 45-degree angle to the glass, and start at the top left corner of the window. Work your way down in a snake-like pattern, going from left to right and then right to the left. Wipe the squeegee’s edges after each stroke in order to prevent streaks.
  2. Using a squeegee might not be enough to get your windows completely dry. To avoid streaks, you’ll need to use a clean and dry microfiber cloth or newspaper to wipe the windows down after you squeegee them. Use a circular motion to dry the windows from top to bottom, making sure that the cloth is clean and dry.
  3. Assuming you’re following the instructions to clean your windows, you’ll likely have some water on the sill and floor. Use a towel to dry these areas off.

Additional tips for streak-free windows

Professional window cleaners have to deal with a lot of different challenges every day. Some of these include things like mineral stains, sticker residue, and tree sap. However, there are a couple of tricks that they use to make sure that your windows come out as clean as possible.

    • Clean the windows on a cloudy day. Otherwise, the direct sunlight will dry your cleaning solutions before you can adequately polish the glass;
    • For stubborn mineral stains, try wetting the glass and cleaning it with a small amount of non-abrasive detergent on a wet cloth, or you can use a solvent such as acetone on a clean, dry, lint-free microfibre cloth. Rub the spots and try to avoid the detergent getting on the window frames as it may discolour the finish;
    • Microfibre cloths work great for cleaning windows but avoid using fabric softener when washing them, as it will reduce their absorbency;
    • You should never use harsh cleaning agents like bleach on your windows, as they can cause lasting damage.
    • Use distilled water to clean your windows, as regular tap water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which leave residue when they dry.
    •  Don’t use excessive amounts of soapy water on your windows, as it will leave streaks and a cloudy-like look when it dries.
  • Never use paper towels on your windows, as they leave streaks and lint as well.
  • Avoid using abrasive pads, or any abrasive products for that matter, because they can heavily damage your window.

Why Hire a Professional

Window cleaning is definitely a challenging task to handle, especially after a hard day at work, hence the reason why most people neglect window cleaning as a whole. You could always try doing it yourself, but who wants to spend their day lugging a ladder around the perimeter of the house with a squeegee and mop bucket in tow? And worst of all is when you finally complete cleaning the windows of your home and later you find out that you ended up with cloudy and streaky windows. By booking a professional window cleaning service, you can be sure that your windows will be squeaky clean and streak-free. The experts will be able to safely and efficiently clean your windows, even in hard-to-reach places, so that they look brand new again.

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