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surprising just how many people will pass by your house every day and form an
opinion on the overall look. How your home looks from a first glance tells a
whole story about what’s behind that front door. When you spend so much time
and effort ensuring your homes interior design is perfect and suited to you,
it’s even more of a reason to ensure your home paints the perfect picture as
soon as it’s seen. It’s not only your home that people notice however, your
whole street will tell a story, judged on how the homes present themselves. To
ensure your home stands out and looks the best on the street, there are just a
few simple tips to follow…


When it
comes to the overall look of your home from the outside, every single component
that goes into making your house look perfect is just as important as the
other. You can’t really focus on one part and neglect the other, as they go
hand in hand to create the perfect finished look. Start with the base and work
outwards, for example look at your paint work, if you don’t have a brick or
stone house, and make sure it’s the colour you want. Neutral colours are best
for creating a homely and inviting feel. You don’t want to go overboard with
any quirky colours as these may create the wrong impression, not to mention you
may go off the colour after a while, and then that’s another job along the
line. Ensuring your paintwork is neat and tidy will instantly create a fresh,
tidy look. If your walls have cracks or dirty marks, then your home will look
unclean and unfinished which you don’t want.
is a vital element in creating the right look for your home. Whilst your home
may be beautiful and elegant, if you neglect your drains or gutters and allow moss, dirt and leaves
to gather and clog the areas, then your home will look untidy and messy. Even
though you can’t see into all of your drains, you can still notice if they are
bogged up with dirty leaves and moss, so maintaining these and keeping them
clean is really important. Another major part to maintain is your windows.
Having clean windows makes one of the biggest impacts on a home’s overall
appearance. Not only will having sparkling windows look fabulous from the
outside, you’ll be allowing added natural light to filter through your home and
lighten up your living areas. Maintaining your overall look is really
important, keeping greenery and plants trimmed and tidy, topping up paintwork
and cleaning your driveway are all tasks that will help create the perfect
overall look. Many of these jobs don’t even need doing that often, if you keep
on top of it you’ll find it easier to do every time, whereas if you leave it
for a while then you may find it a little more difficult than it should really
Whilst still
focusing on the house itself, the final feature that will really aid your home
to stand out from the crowd is your front entrance. Your front door is the
focal point of your home, and the opening to what’s inside. Having an elegant
front door will really catch people’s eyes. Include features such as an elegant
door handle or knocker, shiny letter plates, a fancy door bell and even
lighting. Having these little extras will really allow your personal style to
shine through whilst being practical, functional and stylish. Lighting is a
feature that will generate your overall atmosphere. Having simple yet effective
lighting positioned carefully around your home will not only help with
illuminating your home, highlighting the best parts, but also add security and
safety. You can really create a beautiful ambiance by adding gentle, yellow
lighting to your homes exterior.


The final
touches to your homes exterior are presented through plants, flowers and
greenery. Having a small garden style look to your homes entrance will create a
beautiful, inviting feel. Having colourful flowers such as Hydrangea or Lilies
at the front of your home will emphasise the elegance and style that your homes
interior has to offer. If you feel flowers aren’t really for you, bushes or
hedges to add privacy, or even a small selection of plants positioned neatly
around your home will just help to add character and a personal touch.