How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional


Decorating the kitchen is a never-ending process because there is always a great idea right around the corner that could be implemented. Additionally, there is always something you can do to improve the space and functionality of your kitchen. Whether the layout is making cooking difficult or you do not have enough space to store the things, if you think that now is a good time to remodel the kitchen and increase its functionality, here are a few tips and ideas for you to make the space more functional. 

Consider adding the work triangle 

The work triangle is the space between the cooktop, sink, fridge, and back to your sink. This is a standard for kitchen design and has been around for many years. It optimizes efficiency irrespective of the size and shape of the kitchen. If the kitchen is designed as per the work triangle, your movement will be limited so you can access all the essential elements of the kitchen within as few steps as possible. There will be minimum movement but maximum convenience. It also allows for the right counter space between the appliances and will enhance the safety of the kitchen workflow. 

Cabinet refacing

One important thing to do in the kitchen is cabinet refacing and it can immediately give a new look to the space without insuring a huge cost. Do not try to save money on the kitchen renovation by designing the kitchen around all your old appliances. If you have outdated appliances, they will only increase your workload, consume more energy, and will look out of place in the new kitchen. Before you begin with the kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing, take a look at all the appliances you have. New appliances provide an aesthetic advantage and also offer more benefits due to new technology. Those who like a streamlined kitchen design should consider an integrated panel option so that all the appliances blend in the right manner with the kitchen cabinets. This will give you a very stunning look. Do keep the small appliances in mind too. You need to have clear countertops, hence, set up an appliance garage in the kitchen remodel to place the blender, toaster, and other appliances when not in use. 

Add lighting 

Today’s technology has made it easier to have the finest lighting in your kitchen without spending a bomb. Simply install lighting in the cupboards and drawers as well as under the cabinets. Lighting can immediately enhance the look in the kitchen and it makes cleaning and cooking better too. 

Increase storage 

You can maximize the kitchen storage by using custom storage solutions like a spice rack that can be easily pulled out. A highly efficient kitchen design will make use of every space available. Consider installing a high ceiling cabinet for the extra storage space if you have a small kitchen because it will create an illusion of a bigger space simply by drawing your eyes upward. You can use the cabinets for storing the dishes and cookware you do not use often. 

Add practical solutions for the corner 

If you have space where two kitchen cabinets meet, it is known as a blind corner. This is a wasted space since it is dark, inaccessible, and deep. This is where you can have practical solutions for this corner. You can increase the functionality of the space by adding a corner pantry, swinging pull-outs, sink, backdoor cabinet, or cornered drawers. 

Remember the garbage 

Do not forget to add a dedicated pull-out cabinet or drawer complete with garbage bins to make garbage disposal easier. It is a simple and affordable way to be environmentally friendly in the kitchen. 

Add a workspace

It has become common to work from home and if you often find yourself at the kitchen counter with the laptop, you might want to add a workspace in the kitchen remodel. With a dedicated workspace, you will be able to pay the bills, write a recipe or even help your kids complete the schoolwork. It is a great design feature that will help you as well as the kids. 

Strategically-placed windows

Windows can significantly improve the functionality of your kitchen. Besides having a great view to look at when cooking or washing dishes, you will also have lots of sunlight flowing in. Everything becomes much more pleasant and enjoyable when you have natural light and air flowing in. 

These are a few effective ways you can make the kitchen more functional and easy to work in. You do not need to set aside a lot of money to improve the kitchen but you can do the little changes at an affordable cost. Start small and continue to make the necessary changes whenever you can. Simply adjusting the small appliances and adding little pull-out racks can also enhance the overall functionality and flow of the space. 

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