How to Start a Garden on a Budget

As most of us have spent a large amount of time at home this past year, many people have taken up new hobbies such as crafts or gardening. A popular trend with homeowners is container gardening. Growing and maintaining a container garden, however, can be a lot of work and expensive. Growing a successful garden will take time, energy, and money. From pots and planters to tools and plants, starting a garden can be overwhelming and hard on your wallet.

When starting any new hobby or lifestyle it can be overwhelming when considering all the things that you need. When you factor in budget restrictions, it can make it even more challenging. With patience, preparation, and ingenuity, however, it’s possible to start a flower or vegetable garden without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when starting a garden on a budget.



From fiberglass planters and large outdoor planters to decorative pots and planter boxes, there are numerous options to choose from. If you have budget constraints, some of these planters can be expensive. The first thing that you need to consider is the space where you’re going to have your garden. If you’re going to cultivate indoor plants, you’ll need some indoor planters or pots. Bringing greenery into your home is a great way to spruce up your house and opt for less expensive pots. If you are looking to create a garden on the patio or other outdoor spaces, however, you’ll need heartier more durable outdoor planters.

Numerous types of pots and planters can be found on sites like and others. When looking for planters, you’ll find that they come in a range of sizes, materials, finishes, and types. Based on your budget, you can choose the planters or pots that are more or less expensive. Some might be tempted to save money and use other types of containers for plants. If you want to have a successful garden, however, you should use planters that are designed for plants with adequate drainage and durable materials. There are plenty of places where you can save money, but you should invest in appropriate planters that you can afford.



One of the biggest places where you can save money on your new garden is with the plants. Vegetable seedlings can cost $3 to $6 or more each. A pack of seeds, however, usually costs no more than $3. If you are looking to save some money, the obvious choice is to start your garden with seeds rather than seedlings. While it’s cheaper, starting with seeds will take more time and a bit more work, however.

Another tip for saving money with your plants is to shop during the offseason. Nurseries usually have large sales at the end of the season. You might also consider seeking out a plant or seed swap where gardeners get together and trade. Finally, you’ll want to save seeds from your current plants to have for the next season.

Gardening Supplies


Nature can offer an abundance of free materials to help you save money in your garden. From tomato stakes to ornamental fencing, bamboo poles can be used for a variety of things in your garden. At a garden center, however, bamboo poles can cost as much as $10 each. There are plenty of people who have yards full of bamboo and might be willing to let you have some.

Additionally, you might consider using sticks or vines from your yard or surrounding forests. As far as your tools, consider shopping around yard sales and second-hand shops for slightly used equipment available at a significant discount.

From pots to plants and equipment, there is a lot to consider and pay for when starting a garden. While gardening will take a lot of work and time, it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. With a little research and ingenuity, you can grow a garden that is both successful and budget-friendly.