Increase Storage Space In Your Kid’s Room With These Elegant Ideas

No matter how much you clean your children’s room or tell them to keep it tidy, your kids’ personal space will always be unkempt and unorganized. These days, children have hyperactive minds and highly creative personalities to the point that they might not put order and cleanliness at the top of their priority list.

Kids spend much of their waking hours inside their bedrooms. According to an article by research psychologist Dr. Peggy Drexler, the reason stems from a child’s need to have some “alone time”, which is defined as “time a son or daughter uses to learn how to entertain themselves or just relax, without help or input from parents, siblings, friends, or babysitters. And it is a crucial aspect of the development of independence.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we cannot supervise our children when they’re in their rooms. In fact, it’s a good idea to teach them early about housekeeping and room maintenance. One way of starting this habit is to teach them how to keep their things in their proper places.

In this article, we will discuss some effective and stylish storage solutions for your child’s bedroom. Some of these tips are not overly complicated interior design techniques . In fact, you don’t have to resort to overhauling your home design just to make more space for your kids’ things.

Add shelves

It’s really a no-brainer to install shelves in your child’s bedroom, but some parents think that kids don’t like using these storage spaces. On the contrary, many kids love to read books, and it would be helpful for them to be able to reach their favorite stories and novels from an organized shelf.

The good thing about shelves is that you can install them up to the ceiling, thereby giving you more storage spaces overhead. Just make sure that your kids are old enough to know when and how to reach things way above their heads.

Use seats as storage spaces

Instead of traditional pint-sized chairs, why not use box-shaped seats with hollow interiors? Some child-friendly seats in the market are now equipped with cabinets to store their favorite stuff.

Just a heads up on using cabinets: Make sure that your kids are old enough to handle cabinets. Toddlers may be at risk of having their little fingers hurt by cabinet doors. “When cabinet doors are slammed constantly, the child might find it entertaining and therefore want to mimic it,” as we discussed in one of our earlier articles.

Combine to create more space

Can you imagine your child’s closet as a workstation? HGTV recommends rearranging the closet to provide some space for a desk and chair. This way, you can create more free space in the room for other purposes.

Be practical and use existing items

Sure, it’s easy to purchase new storage solutions that combine function and luxurious interior design . However, you might already own some things that you can use to store your kids’ things.

Look for old cabinets that you can use in your child’s room. You can even repurpose old bookshelves and turn them into horizontal storage boxes for their toys.

You don’t have to curtail your children’s freedom to express themselves by imposing very strict rules in bedroom maintenance. However, it wouldn’t hurt to start teaching them to keep their rooms clean and orderly.