Just How Secure are Car Storage Facilities

Just How Secure are Car Storage Facilities

Changes in travel trends and rules for neighbourhood and development parking have led to an increase in car storage. More people are now seeking to store their vehicles in some type of storage facility than ever before.

Exactly how safe is your vehicle in a car storage facility? What type of dynamics make up the security features of these businesses?

If you’ve been thinking about storing your car, we can help you out. Continue reading for our guide on car storage security.

Keypad Entry

Most car storage facilities utilise some type of keypad entry at the front gate. Customers are given a unique PIN that opens the gate for entry.

This prevents undesirables from entering the unit who shouldn’t be there. This is one line of defence for modern car storage facilities, but this alone won’t be enough. 

Perimeter Defence

Modern vehicle storage businesses have some form of security around the perimeter of the property. At the minimum, security cameras feeding to live closed-circuit monitoring systems are watched at all hours.

Higher security storages use infrared beams around their fence lines that trip sirens and lights whenever they’re breached. Many of these systems also automatically alert the authorities to the presence of an intruder. 

Adequate Lighting

Secure car storage facilities are well-lit, with spotlights throughout the property. Customers are well seen at all hours, giving them extra security when they’re on the property.

These spotlights also make the surveillance cameras more efficient. Any suspicious activity in a well-lit area can easily be picked up by the cameras. 

Wireless Monitors

Many of these businesses are also equipped with wireless motion detectors. Normally car storages aren’t open 24-hours like normal self-storage units. 

When the business is closed, these motion detectors are constantly activated, ready to catch an intruder at a moment’s notice. These wireless monitors feed directly to the emergency phone system, dispatching police whenever they go off. 

Signing Vehicles Out

Most car storage businesses make it mandatory for vehicles to be signed out. A live receptionist is on the scene during normal business hours logging the vehicles that go in and out. 

Do your research before committing to a car storage facility. A good storage business will have most, if not all of these listed security features.