Key ideas for designing a double-flex home

The home that is unique and extraordinary in design is always delightful to explore, even for the slightest visual inspiration. The most interesting thing about a home, however, is the element of luxury it contains.

Today, in urban areas, the concept of a large home is redefined by homeowners who are looking to build a duplex. We’ve collected some useful tips and ideas for duplex home designs.

A Double-Height Wall Offers a Large Artwork Display

Double-height ceilings are common in duplex homes. These have larger wall areas. If you want to make the most of this vast space, display a substantial piece of artwork on it. It will add a dramatic dimension to the room.

Style Tips- Because the wall’s length is large, it could be used to create visual drama. You can also use a unique wall treatment and intricately designed wallpaper to add visual drama. Attracting attention to a wall on two floors is the key to styling it.

Connections Set Up With the Rest of the Home

Because the duplex home design has two floors, it can seem like the floor plans are not connected. Although the two stories can be considered one house, they should still be connected. Find ways to allow each story to have an uninterrupted view of the other. If you want to keep the idea of a single home and have two stories, open corridors looking out at the floors below, or glass walls surrounding the staircase and the areas adjacent, these are all great options.

The staircase forms the connection between the floors of a duplex. The staircase is a key component of the duplex design. It should be considered what the space will be used for, how it will be used, and the purpose. You can place the duplex house staircase at one corner of the home if you want to connect the downstairs space and the upstairs bedrooms. This will allow for privacy while still maintaining privacy. The staircase may be designed to create a dramatic design statement. If it is to connect the downstairs space to the upstairs bedrooms, then place it at one end of your home.

The need to bring the entire house closer together is a result of dividing a home into two halves. The trick to making the house feel one is to create a central area or room that serves as the focal point of the home. This will allow family members to gather at the end of the day. In this central location, a living room or lounge space can be designated.

Style Tip: This space can be made more welcoming and cozy by adding large sofas and sectionals, plus cozy pillows, accessories, and mood lighting. This is a great way to incorporate it.

The Staircase Can Improve the Aesthetic Performance of the Room

A staircase can act as a focal point in a room and/or home. It draws attention and intrigue to the space. The staircase can be used to create a distinctive shape, style, or aesthetic in any room. For example, in this living space, the steel spiral stairs give off a modern, elegant look and make a strong statement.

Style Tip- Mirroring your style in your house through your staircase is a great way to add accents and color, and even incorporate unusual finishes.

Play With Light along Your Staircase

The space enclosed by the curves and limits of a staircase is a free area that can extend to the entire floor. This often goes unnoticed in planning the design or style of a home. This is a fun area to play with. You don’t need to furnish it but you can put lights or hanging lighting fixtures there. The top floor of your duplex will provide illumination and will give the area more depth.

Style tip- you can make the most of natural light by using windows in your stairwell. You can add mirrors to the walls.

The visual illusion of more space can be created by placing a landing or along the stairs. To add light and ventilation to your entire home, consider installing skylights on top of the floors.

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