Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! How to Choose the Best for My Bathroom Stall?

The bathroom mirror is one of the essential pre-requisites in a bathroom today. How many times have you gone inside to powder your nose and ended up looking at the mirror for hours on end? How many times have you gone to the bathroom and stopped short only to look at yourself? 

Mirrors are not just restricted to the connotations of vanity. They are today an essential part of bathroom aesthetics and fulfill many practical uses. Many interior designers feel that, if chosen suitably, it also adds to the natural lighting and spaciousness of the bathroom. This is the reason that selecting a mirror requires careful consideration of some vital aspects.

To Frame or Not To – Is the Question

These days, the mirrors’ framing is amongst the primary aesthetic considerations for decorators and property owners. The contemporary commercial bathroom mirrors come with the additional option of a customized frame. These mirrors are experimenting with many newer looks such as chrome and copper finishes for a rustic look. 

Despite this, unframed mirrors seem to be more in trend these days. The main reason for this is because of their minimalistic integration with the décor and the floating effect they give off. Framed mirrors, too, are considered to be quite stylish because of the dimension of the frames. Despite the aesthetically pleasing frames, they also tend to take up a lot of space and are deemed bulky.

Bigger Is Better?

As a general rule, it is crucial to consider the mirrors’ size and determine the type or size that would best suit your bathroom. The thumb rule for selecting the right mirror for your bathroom the mirror must be slightly taller and broader. To accommodate the entire object in front of it, a mirror must be just the right proportion as the vanity. 

Before committing to a design and size, it would be practical if you could stick some sheets of paper at the place intended for the mirror. This would give you a vague idea about the size and space appropriate for the bathroom setting.

Stylized and Iconic

Bathroom mirrors are deemed to come in a variety of styles, shades, and shapes. Using various shapes can help to create a central point in the bathroom space. In terms of its look and trend settings, though different colors and styles may tempt you, subtlety is the best. Simplicities and subtleties of design and style complement the overall aura and charm of the entire bathroom settings. 

An example of classic subtlety could be chrome or brushed aluminum finishes. These are too trendy and popular choices these days. This is because they skillfully negotiate a balance between full frames and unframed mirrors, thereby giving off a chic look.

Attending to the Function

Mirrors are more than the reflections of comfortable peering of vanity. They serve a far more possible use than a glance for touch up before you leave. Most interior décor uses a mirror set to amplify natural lighting and perceptions of spaciousness. Fundamentally mirror cabinets may also serve as extra space for storage with integrated shelving. So, before you go off to buy a mirror, consider what functions and utilities will it serve tan just adorning the walls. You can also consider mirrors that have built-in lighting for more accurate viewing. It also serves as a unique setting for better ambiance adjustments as opposed to traditional bathroom lights.

No Mounting Too High

Safety is an important consideration, and therefore whenever selecting a mirror for your bathroom to ensure a stern mounting option. Especially if you buy mirrors with integrated mirrors, you might have to consider an electrician. 

Additionally, when mounting mirrors, you might also have to consider the positions of doorways and windows. This helps to secure an amplified natural setting for your bathrooms.

Key Takeaway

Choosing new mirrors for your bathroom may involve a lot of factors that need your time and consideration. Apart from the usual placement and aesthetic settings, you might have to consider the utilities it would serve and its impact on the overall décor.