Moving Home? Tips on finding a Man with a Van in Dublin

A man with a van Dublin is an individual or company that will move items from A to B. They usually will do all the heavy lifting involved with the move, often plan out the move for larger jobs, pack boxes and clean up after removal if required. Each man with a van Dublin will provide different services with some specialising in commercial moves and others in residential moves.

Depending on the company some will be available on short notice with larger companies you may have to book a few weeks in advance. The best place to begin your search is a google search for popular searches by location such as “Man with a Van Dublin” or man and van Dublin. Alternatively, you may see advertisements locally on notice boards, newspapers or obtain a recommendation from someone you know.

The advantage of searching for a man with a van Dublin online is you will also be able to quickly see if they have verified testimonials or reviews of the services that they provide. The best way to get an accurate quote is to have as many details about the move prepared as possible. Details that can affect the cost of a man with a van Dublin are :

Logistics of the move: Are there parking charges at either location, is one or both locations an apartment, or has difficult access.

Size of the move: One item, many items, House load, etc

Distance: How far does the man with a van Dublin need to drive

Workers needed: the price may vary depending on more than one worker needed

Cleaning involved: Does the garden or home need a clean-up by the removal team after packing the van?

Generally, these main points will affect the quoted price that you obtain from the man with a van, but if you would like to find out more why not contact the guys at and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.